BMW 3 Series 2019 Vs Mercedes-Benz B-Class 2019

Are you confused about which cars you should buy? Well, you are not alone as in this present era, you have various choices for the selection of cars. You can get various types of features from different cars and that is why you have to consider a lot of things before buying any car.

What are the basic prices of these cars?

The first thing which everyone compares whenever they are buying anything is the price of the items. When you are looking for cars like BMW 3 vs Mercedes-Benz B-Class then you need to compare the price. You can find the base price of the BMW 3 Series to be around Rs 45.16 Lakh and the price of Mercedes Benz B-Class to be around Rs 32.57 Lakh. These prices may differ depending on the showroom you are getting the cars from.

The mileage difference between both the cars

You can also compare the price of BMW 3 vs Mercedes-Benz B-Class in order to check out which is more energy efficient. The BMW 3 Series can provide you up to 23 km/l for diesel and Mercedes will provide you 15 km/l for diesel. So you can compare that the  BMW is much more energy efficient that Mercedes.

What is the engine performance?

It is very important that you compare the performance of the engine of the cars which you want to buy. BMW provides 248bhp for petrol and 188 bhp diesel engines.

In Mercedes Benz engines, you can choose either petrol or diesel whichever is convenient for you. It has 122bhp petrol and about 136 bhp for diesel engines.

The dimension of both cars

If you compare BMW 3 vs Mercedes-Benz B-Class then you can find that BMW 3 Series is slightly longer in length than Mercedes but Mercedes is wider in the width and taller in height. And the BMW is heavier than the Mercedes.

Information about transmission, tyres, and braking of the cars

Both BMW 3 vs Mercedes-Benz B-Class support automatic gears. Mercedes provides dual clutch feature while it is not available in the BMW 3 Series. The Mercedes Benz Light alloy wheels which are quite luxurious to drive. It also supports the tubeless tyre just the same as the BMW. Mercedes Benz also takes special care of road safety and provides disc brakes in the car.

The BMW 3 Series has alloy wheels which makes the driving comfortable. It has a tubeless tyre type for convenient long driving. The BMW support disc brakes in order to provide you safety on the road so that you do not have to worry about anything.

Steering Performance and Safety Features

If you compare BMW 3 vs Mercedes-Benz B-Class then you need to check the steering performance of both the cars. You can find that both the cars support power steering making them more convenient to drive on highways. Both the cars also support electric power streaming meaning that you will enjoy driving your car smoothly.

When  comparing the  max speed of both the cars, BMW 3 Series tops Mercedes as the former has a maximum speed of about 235 while the latter has 200. BMW also has a pickup speed of 7.2 sec from 0 to hundred which is quite good. Both the cars pack all the required safety features so that you can drive without any worries.
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