Top 10 Bikes under 60K

Bikes or the Motorbikes are facing quite much competition these days. The more and more increasing involvements of the Government and the other restrictions like BS VI norms have put up a lot of pressure on the Industry. Still, all of this, the industry is trying its best to conquer the market. And in the same regard, more and more companies are coming up with their models to make it affordable to everyone their models. And here is the complete list of the bikes under Rs 60K completely under your budget.

    1. Hero Splendor iSmart

The hero company is the best of the manufacturers of the bikes out there in the market. It also surprises the audience with the new and more elegant features in the bikes the bikers usually come across. And this time the company is with a change in the strategy and come up with a budget bike. It is with the model that has a powerful engine, perfect tires and other related services the bikers were looking for. And the model is best move of the company.

    1. 2016 TVS Victor

TVS Victor is the name of the new bikes to come across with all the features and the other necessities of the biker. The bike model is up in the market to target up the audience looking for a budget bike, with the powerful engine and perfect wheel balancing system. And the model seems to be a perfect choice for the bikers. With all these features it is all set thrive up the audience with the action packed performance.

    1. Honda Livo

Honda is known bike manufacturer in the arena this time around. It always comes up with the model that surprises the bikers and the loving audience. The Livo this time is here to bring the bike under the budget of the audience. And with all the necessary features and the properties the bikers can’t compromise with. It is build with the best of the industry standards, and is all set to thrive the audience. The looks and the design of the bike are also quite catchy and take on the heart of many. And this time it seems to have a good commerce.

    1. Bajaj Platina 100

Bajaj in the list with Platina 100 is a wonderful and an exciting co incidence. The new model of the company is basically with the improvised version of the previous models. It comes up with the features and the facilities of a great bike company, with this model the company will try to gain the market respect. The model is with the catchy design and the sleek look of the model with different variants of colors is there to hold on the others attention. Also the powerful engine of the bikes gives it an edge in the market.


    1. Hero Passion Pro

Hero Passion Pro is the masterpiece of the successful Hero Company. So there is no dearth of respect and the quality both for the model and the company’s product. The model is with the powerful engine to steer up the roads. Its look and the design of the model is all up there there to catch on the eyes of the visitors. And finally the extended features like the wheel alignment and other new advancements in the industry can be clearly looked upon from the model. The model is all set to thrive there.

    1. TVS Star City+

TVS Star City+ is the improvised version of the TV Star City model. The previous model was a successful model, and so will be the new one. It comes up with a powerful engine and wheel alignment. Also the design and the looks of the model are all best of a kind.

    1. Honda Dream Neo

Honda’s this new model will take up the market in its totality. The Dream Neo is with the powerful engine to take care of the ups and downs on the roads. It is also with the catchy looks and the sleek design, both of which will attract the attention of the bikers out there.

    1. Honda Activa 4G

Honda Activa 4G is all up there to take on the market. It is with a sleek design and the powerful features and the design are all up there to take on the benefits of the shaky market this time around. The model with new features is already to have its welcome in the market.

    1. TVS Jupiter

TV Jupiter is also there in the market, with the sleek design and the catchy design to take up the market on its totality. It is with the features and the functions all up there to take on the market, and provide the bikers an affordable bike option.

    1. Jupiter ZX

Jupiter ZX is there in the market with the features and the improvements from the older versions of the company. And this time the company is all set to thrive the market with the powerful engine and the catchy looks and design. And at the same time giving up an affordable option.

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