Auto News 2018 : Rolls-Royce Launches Phantom VIII in India

The upheaval of the big and luxury vehicles this time around is on. The market is filled the stories of the models coming up to take up the place of the previous models in the present. On the same lines, the luxury vehicle company the Rolls-Royce is set up on its new project. The company will project its new model in the market with the name of the Phantom VIII. It is going to be a great start for the company with this new-year. The model is on the lines of the previous models, but differs in the design and the extended features, it will possess with it. Indian market will welcome the new model with full zeal.

What so special with this model?

Phantom VIII will be the new experiment of the Rolls Royce onboard this time. It is the matter of sheer delight that the model will land on the Indian arena. The model is to be with the powerful and attractive features that the buyers were waiting for long. Also with involvement of the market in the EVs, they are surely going to be a hit on the industry. The model is also important and special on the respect of the reason as they are the future models.

The new model will showcase the future models of the Rolls-Royce. As is evident from the new features and the design it will come with. It is also improving on the count of the buyer’s attraction and the potential buyers it can gain. The model is with the best of the equipments and the best of the practices of the Industry, to catch up the market.


What will I get from Phantom?

Well, to this question, I have a simple answer. A lot. The new model of the Rolls-Royce is up in the market with the trust of the best luxury car maker company. The company will surely try to maintain the esteem. Hence the model should and is a wonderful piece of the company. It is with the design, features and others, all of the top and the best quality. It is with great new features.

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Coming to the design and the looks of the Phantom VIII, the model is at par from the other models this time around. It is with a sleek design to catch on the eyes of the visitors on their first look. Also it is with the different variants and the colors of the market. The stylized feature and the interior cabin of the model are also of a unique quality. All the features of the interior and the cabin are up with new and developed versions of the present date.

The powerful engine of the model is there to take on the top speed in lesser time. And also maintain the powerful decorum of the model and the company. It is with the LED projector with LED DRLs to have quite far look in the fog and for the security reasons. All in all, the model is a perfect choice.


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