All Upcoming bikes under 2 lakhs in 2019

Do you want to buy a bike without splurging? If yes, then you can get the most amazing bikes under two lakhs in India this year. There are several options available in the market but you have to choose the option which can suit your budget. There are bikes which have nice specifications and functions at affordable prices. You can get the information about specifications, prices, and mileage of the bike here.

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Honda Activa 125

Expected Price: Rs.62,000/-

Launch Date: 28 June 2019

The Honda Activa 125 will have grab rail and new LED headlights with the semi-digital instrument cluster. It is redesigned and the 125c engine would provide 10.5 Nm of torque and 8.6 PS of power.

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Tork T6X 

Expected Price: Rs.1.25 lakh

Launch Date: July 2019

The Tork T6X will be launched in India for the first time and it has the electric motor and it also includes telescopic forks at the front with rear monoshock.

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Revolt RV 400

Expected Price: Rs.1 lakhs

Launch Date: July 2019 

The pre-bookings for the bike have been started and it comes with 4G connectivity, LED headlamps and digital instrument cluster. The top speed of the bike is noticed as 85kmph. 

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Vespa Liberty 3V 

Expected Price: Rs.63,000

Launch Date: August 2019 

The scooter will be having 125 ccs of engine it would be affordable and deliver better fuel efficiency as compared to the previous models. 

Hero Electric Optima HS500 ER

Expected Price: Rs.65,000/-

Launch Date: August 2019

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Hero Electric NYX HS500 ER

Expected Price: Rs.65000/-

Launch Date: August 2019 

Bajaj Urbanite Chetak

Expected Price: Rs.1.10 lakhs 

Launch Date: September 2019

The company will be revealing the e-scooter in September which will be called Chetak and the looks will be like sporty bikes and it will be having front disc brakes. 

Hero Electric Photon 72 Li

Expected Price: Rs.92,000/-

Launch Date: September 2019

Hyosung GD

Expected Price: Rs.1.10 lakh

Launch Date: September 2019

Bajaj Pulsar NS125

Expected Price: Rs.66,000

Launch Date: September 2019

Suzuki Gixxer 250

Expected Price: Rs.1.55 lakh

Launch Date: September 2019

The brochure of the bike has been leaked at the online portal and this bike comes with instrumental cluster look and upright ergonomics. It has several add-on features like a pad, engine guard, seat covers, knuckle guards along with rim tapes. 

UM Motorcycles Renegade Duty Ace 

Expected Price: Rs.1.29 lakh

Launch Date: September 2019 

UM Motorcycles Renegade Duty S

Expected Price: Rs.1.10 lakh

Launch Date: September 2019

The olive green color of the bike makes it look stronger and it has two-seater option with comfortable leather material. The shape of the bike is quite impressive. 

TVS Zeppelin

Expected Price: Rs.1.20 lakh

Launch Date: September 2019

The TVS Zeppelin has surprisingly stylish looks with golden and steel-brown color. It is one seater bike option, and that’s why it will be preferred by youngsters only. 

Aprilia Tuono 150

Expected Price: Rs.1.30 lakh 

Launch Date: October 2019 

The Aprilia Tuono will be having 150cc of the engine and this company was known to bring the motorcycles with small capacity. There might be some changes in the new model. 

UM Motorcycles Scrambler X


Expected Price: Rs.1.50 lakh 

Launch Date: October 2019

The UM Motorcycles Scrambler X will surprise the audience. The earlier model of this company has received a lot of praise from the customers. It will be having 230cc of single cylinder engine. 

22 Kymco Like EV

Expected Price: Rs.1 lakh

Launch Date: October 2019 

The 22 Kymco Like EV is the first product to be launched in India and it comes with LED headlamps and futuristic design along with swappable battery option. 

Jawa Perak

Expected Price: Rs.1.89 Lakhs

Launch Date: October 2019

This is one of the superb looking bikes in the year 2019 and it will have the one-seater option. The bookings are pushed to September, and there is a huge demand of Jawa Forty Two and Jawa in the market already. It will be having emission compliance and inflation factors with 334 cc of a petrol engine. 

CFMoto 250 NK

Expected Price: Rs.1.75 lakhs

Launch Date: October 2019

The CF Moto 250NK has LED lights on its body with 249.2 cc of single cylinder motor, and it can put 22Nm of torque and 26.5PS. This bike has got radial tires with braking hardware. 

UM Motorcycles Adventure TT

Expected Price: Rs.1.99 lakh

Launch Date: November 2019

The UM Motorcycles Adventure TT will be having a petrol engine and its major competitors are KTM RC 200 and TVS Apache RR 310. There hasn’t been much information available about the bike’s specifications. 

Yamaha NMax 155

Expected Price: Rs.1 lakh 

Launch Date: December 2019 

The major competitors of this bike are 22Kymco iFlow and Hero electron Photon 48V. The brand hasn’t disclosed the information about the mileage of it. 

So, these are the upcoming bikes under two lakhs in the year 2019. You can get one of these bikes after checking all the specifications and details of it. All of the bikes are quite affordable for you, but you need to select the one which is perfect according to your requirements and pocket. 
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