BMW car Launch in 2019

Are you all set to invest in BMW upcoming car series in 2019? Then visit different BMW cars in 2109 those are followed now:


Expected Price: 45.00 – 55.00 Lakh

The BMW X-Series has been an instantaneous triumph in the Indian royal car market, thanks a lot to the extensive array of engine choices, exciting features, and consistent performance features. The BMW X2 would be hurled in India in the coming future. The latest approaching BMW X2 designs would be based on the idea of X1 and X3 models and will go together with superior sizes as compared to the X1 Series models. The outer surface will have innovative headlights with daylight working lights and cutting-edge design of furnace lattices with chrome environs. The interiors would be all packed with the new dual-tone internal system, cutting-edge technology tool collection and the vital comfort with touchscreen infotainment scheme. The security features of airbags at the forward-facing, sideways and blind airbags, park help the system and driver vigilant system would be highlighted as a standard.

BMW 8-Series

Expected Price: 90.00 – 1.00 Cr

The BMW X Series has unique models that have seen vast feat worldwide for their state-of-the-art technology, superfluity, and high-performance features. The BMW India would be hurling the X7 model in coming future. The BMW X7 would fundamentally bring the design signal of the X-Series model and it would be of bigger measurements as compared to the forerunner models. The BMW X7 includes new features with innovative headlights with daylight working lights, stylish bumpers, radiator grille, power-adjustable ORVMs and LED tail lamps.


Expected Price: Not available

The BMW i3 is a highly cutting-edge electric car with classy equipment, and an impeccable amalgamation of performance and royal designs. There is a revolution in each feature of the car, right from the eDrive system to broadcast of power and charging of the battery. The instantaneous driver would invite out a bottom from the rushing knob, it would replicate in the application of decelerating power at the wheel and the kinetic energy of the car from the time when motion would be transformed into electricity for charging the high-power lithium-ion battery.

BMW i8 Roadster

Estimated Price: ₹ 2.8 – 3 Crores

BMW brought the phase at the 2018 Auto Expo with the i3s and i8 Roadster. The Roadster will be officially hurled in India and will link the i8 as BMW’s corona product in the country. The luxury car is based on the i8 Spyder Model of 2012, the drop-top i8 was first starred at the 2017 Los Angeles Motor Show.

The i8 Roadster becomes the third and active associate of BMW’s revolutionary kinfolk. The open-uppermost i8 holds frontward all the hardware of the i8 Coupe accompanied by the design linguistic. The CFRP building makes sure lightweight. Thus, the drop-head i8 is just 60 kilograms weightier than its hard-top familial. The all-electric rooftop opens and ends at a trace of a key in 15 seconds and while commuting at up to 50kmph. The smooth-peak can be packed back in an opening behind the seats in a vertical location. BMW has amended the screen as well in order to put up the innovative roof. The windbreak now gets a reinforced frame and superior quartier windows. The rearmost window duos up as a wind deflector and can also be fastened or opened self-sufficiently without the rooftop.

BMW 3-Series

BMW is prepared to disclose its upcoming seventh-generation 3-series car at the upcoming Paris Motor Show. Forward of its make public, the latest designs of BMW 3-series, dubbed G20 has been snooped testing in India for the first time. The spy video on youtube by Sajo21 features a profoundly cloaked sedan leading emission testing. The innovative BMW 3-series, the G20 is based on the CLAR platform with the back-wheel drive system.

The latest BMW 3-series is available with a widespread use of aluminum and other resources. This brings the innovative automobile 55kg lighter than its predecessor. The new car is believed to obtain a giant boost in terms of its usage.


The X5 started with BMWs X range of SUV sedans when it was first hurled some two epochs back, in 1998. Most of them also praised the X5 for truly having inserted athletic designs into SUVs, because unless its arrival, not one person had ever made-up an SUV might implement and manage so sportily. Ever meanwhile, industrialists have been shoving the performance covering of their SUVs and most of them have been victorious in getting sports car such as managing in these to some extent tall and weighty machines that are also expected to have some-off-road aptitudes.

The BMW X5 which assisted redefine the time SUV has gone on and become one of the most up-and-coming lavish SUVs of all time. In recent times we tested its all-new 4th generation model in the USA and it should bring it to our shorelines sometime around May next year.

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