2022 TVS iQube Launched With 140 Km Of Range & New Features

For the year 2022, TVS Motor Company has released an improved iQube electric scooter. The model has received extensive updates, including a wider range, additional features, and enhanced performance. The iQube, iQube S, and iQube ST are the three variations of the 2022 TVS iQube. The new TVS iQube series has prices ranging from 98,564 for the regular model to 1.09 lakh for the iQube S. The iQube ST's price has yet to be confirmed. Bookings for the iQube and iQube S are now open in the 33 cities where the scooter is now available. TVS claims it will shortly add 52 more cities, and pre-orders for the iQube ST for 999 I.N.R are now open in all 85 cities.

Shining Red, Titanium Grey, Mercury Grey, Copper Bronze, Lucid Yellow, Starlight Blue, Coral Sand, Mint Blue, and Copper Bronze Matte and Titanium Grey Matte are among the new colour possibilities for the upgraded TVS iQube lineup. The design language hasn't changed, but the TVS Motor Company has improved the riding posture for more comfort. The under-seat storage capacity has been increased, now measuring 17 litres on the iQube and iQube S, and 31 litres on the iQube ST. It has wider 90/90 12-inch tyres as well.

The low-noise, energy-efficient hub motor is still used in the 2022 TVS iQube series of electric Scooters. It has regen technology, which allows it to recover up to 10% of its energy and increase range. The throttle responsiveness has been improved as well.


New-generation 21700 lithium-ion cells are included in the redesigned TVS iQube, along with an in-house Battery Control System (BMS) and thermal management system. The regular and S variants have a range of 100 kilometres on a single charge, while the iQube ST has a range of 140 kilometres. According to TVS  regardless of the battery's state of charge, there is no loss of acceleration. The TVS iQube and iQube S have a top speed of 78 kmph, which increases to 82 kmph on the iQube ST.

Three charging options are available for the new TVS iQube. There are three capacities: 650 watts, 950 watts, and 1.5 kW. A shockproof AC plug, spike arrester, and auto shut down are included in the model. Over-voltage, current, and high temperature are all controlled by the BMS. The battery is AIS 156 approved and is IP67 rated with an aluminium shell. When the iQube is not in use, it is meant to go into idle mode every second minute. This adds an extra layer of protection. A novel modular harness architecture is also included in the model, which isolates low and high voltage systems to limit the risk of a short circuit.

The linked technologies on the TVS iQube receives many enhancements. A 5-inch TFT screen, a 7-inch TFT screen with HMI interaction, and a 7-inch TFT dashboard with HMI and Touch interaction are available for the model. SmartXonnect also offers a variety of connected outfits. This contains a new UI and UX with a cleaner appearance. The new infinity theme enables for digital cluster customization. You can also alter the colour scheme. The app also provides information on the scooter's range and other features. Turn-by-turn navigation, calls, missed call warnings, messages, and social media notifications are all displayed in the cluster. You can also pause, skip, and adjust the volume. Alexa is also supported by the new TVS iQube.

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