Yulu launches franchise partner-led model for shared mobility in Indore

New Delhi: Yulu has launched its services in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, in partnership with city-based firm Yuva Mobility. The launch in India's cleanest city, Yuva, which is led by local entrepreneurs Tarun Sharma and Shivani Sharma, independently operating Yulu's popular electric vehicles (EVs) across Indore, with infrastructural and technological from Yulu, the company said in a media release.

The launch of Yulu in Indore showcases the first franchise model led by industry partners to democratize shared mobility in India. The company is actively working with entrepreneurs and companies under the Yulu Business Partner (YBP) initiative to launch partner-led services in other cities across the country as well. The launch of Yuva's operations in Indore is the culmination of months of collaboration aimed at integrating Yulu's technology, hardware and brand with Yuva's local market knowledge and operational experience, the statement said.

This combination creates a winning proposition from day one, allowing Yulu to quickly scale its world-class mobility platform to new audiences, while allowing Yuva to launch a profitable electric mobility company that meets demand for mobility services electric vehicles by students and professionals, according to the statement. added Entertainers and tourists.

Indore's high livability and rapid growth make it a natural choice for Yulu's shared electric vehicle green mobility platform, said Amit Gupta, co-founder and CEO of Yulu. He added, “We are happy to announce YBP's first partnership with Yulu in India's cleanest city. Through YBP, Yulu aims to accelerate the country's electric vehicle transition by harnessing the entrepreneurial energy of founders who want to leave a lasting impact on their local mobility landscape. We couldn't have asked for better business partners than Tarun Sharma and Shivani Sharma of Yuva Mobility, dedicated founders and visionaries passionate about starting a sustainable mobility revolution in Indore.

Amit continued, "I am confident that Yuva electric vehicles, powered by Yulu's industry-leading turnkey hardware software suite, will catalyze the transformation of Indore into a smart, modern and pollution-free city, while empowering its residents to boldly move forward in their pursuit of their dreams and aspirations."

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Under the partnership, Yulu has supplied Yuva with electric vehicles as well as an AI and IoT-enabled mobility technology platform. It also offered swappable batteries for electric vehicles and charging systems through Yuma, a Yulu sister company that offers batteries as a service (BaaS). Yulu also provided Yuva with the job training and internal support it needed to carry out its daily operations independently.

The introduction of Yulu's compact, smart and emission-free electric cars is another achievement for Indore, which has been named the cleanest city in the country for seven consecutive years by the Swachh Survekshan survey, said Tarun Sharma, co-founder. Yuva Mobility. It says, "Yuva is excited to offer a world-class technology-driven EV mobility solution to users in Indore with the support of Yulu. Our services are deeply aligned with the progressive spirit, openness to change and willingness to embrace Indore technology. solutions based solutions ahead of others across the board.” We aspire to make Yulu a neighborhood electric vehicle that allows people to navigate the city's bustling markets, cultural attractions and dining experiences with their loved ones.

Yuva's shared EV service is accessible in the heart of Indore, including high-footfall neighbourhoods, educational and commercial hubs, markets and nightlife areas. These include Palasia, New Palasia, Chapan, Bhawar Kuan and Vijay Nagar.

Indore is the latest market to host Yulu's shared electric vehicle offerings. Yulu is present in major metropolitan areas and operates 30,000 shared electric vehicles in Bengaluru, Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Delhi and Gurugram. In these markets, it has served more than 4 million users and has avoided more than 20 million kilograms of CO2 emissions to date. Yulu has also collaborated with leading delivery and e-commerce companies to unlock sustainable mobility solutions for their delivery partners, while increasing these partners' profits through affordable pricing plans and a cutting-edge technology platform. Yulu’s EVs have enabled more than 475 million kilometers of green rides and more than 80+ million green deliveries, the release said.

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