Royal Enfield To Launch A Bullet 650 Based On Its 650cc Platform

The 650cc segment seems like the perfect transition point for riders jumping from small bikes to bigger bikes, which probably explains why it has gained so much steam of late in India. To meet this increased demand, Royal Enfield is expanding its 650cc platform. Most interesting, though, is the Bullet 650. Yes, you heard that right, the oldest production motorcycle in existence is a kickstarter with one cubic capacity and one extra cylinder.

In a recent investor presentation, Royal Enfield laid out its future plans to expand its existing platforms, including the 450cc and 650cc. While there are plenty of bikes to match, this one has the most recognizable name: Bullet.

Royal Enfield To Launch A Bullet 650

First, like the Bullet 350, the Bullet 650 won't be the most affordable bike in terms of platform. Instead, the idea of ​​the Bullet 650cc would be to showcase the brand's heritage and history by making a premium classic/legacy bike.

Bullet's original design language is now likely retained, and from what can be discerned from the silhouette in the document, that appears to be the case as well. The one-piece seat configuration, headlight housing, retro and minimalist styling, and spindle wheels are likely to be the same.

Engine-wise, it will be the same as in the 650 Interceptor: a 647.9cc air/oil-cooled engine producing 47bhp and 52Nm, mated to a six-speed gearbox with slipper clutch.

What we hope, however, is that it comes with the equipment and features for a contemporary audience and that the Enfield doesn't look too dated.

So when can we expect this bike? Well it's been a while since we've seen the light of day. We can expect it to debut in mid-2024. Before that, we are likely to see the Classic 650 launch in markets in Q3 2023 as it has already been spy-tested.

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