Drive the Right Way: Top ten Legal Car modification rules for Indian Roads

Modifications will give the car a distinctive appearance. People choose car modification to make their cars stand out from others. With exclusive design and appearance through modifications, your car will instantly catch everyone’s attention. After all, who doesn't love attention?

Did you know that unauthorized modifications can cause you problems? We are going to educate you on the Top ten Legal Car modification rules in India.

Your vehicle must only be modified within the specifications issued by the Highway Transport Authority. You may have to pay hefty fines if the modifications made exceed what is stipulated.

Cosmetic enhancements, power enhancement modifications, and design modifications must be within permissible limits. The Supreme Court ruling in this regard states that vehicle modifications that change dimensional specifications are considered illegal. The Division Council ruling stipulates that the manufacturer's original specifications should not be changed.

There is ambiguity regarding authorized and unauthorized modifications/modifications. Many people are discouraged from modifying a car due to concerns about legal issues. This article aims to provide clarity on the legal rules of car modification in India. Here are the Top ten Legal Car modification rules

Top ten Legal Car modification rules


The color of the car can be changed without much problem. You can choose any new color for your car except military green. Since military green is only for military vehicles. Approval must be obtained from the RTO for color change and the new color specifications must be entered in the RC book.

Top ten Legal Car modification rules


Structural changes are not permitted as per India's legal vehicle modification rules and also per our Top Ten Legal Car modification rules list. The RTO will ask you to return the car to the original chassis if you make structural modifications. The authority may impose a heavy fine, cancellation of registration, cancellation of the owner's license, or other similar penalties if you continue with the structural change even after the reprimand. You will be able to change the bodywork of the car after obtaining ARAI approval, stating the reasons why you want to change.

Top ten Legal Car modification rules


You can replace the defective engine with a new or used engine with the same specifications. RTO approval must be obtained before the replacement is carried out. Please note that the engine displacement should not be larger than the existing displacement. Our Top Ten Legal Car modification rules list suggests that the new engine number must be entered in the vehicle's RC booklet. 

Top ten Legal Car modification rules


Air horns and pressure horns are banned in India. You can change the car speakers. However, the sound should not exceed 80 dB. The restriction was introduced to reduce noise pollution caused by horns.


Top ten Legal Car modification rules

To alter the exhaust, you need the RTO's unambiguous approval. The use of exhausts that cause noise pollution exceeding 100 dB is strictly prohibited. The exhausts you install should not disturb other drivers and pedestrians on the road. Unfortunately according to the Top Ten Legal Car modification rules list and as per Indian Law you cannot choose a loud exhaust and impress your friends

Top ten Legal Car modification rules

Tinted glass

In the Top ten Legal Car modification rules list, next comes the Tinted Glass problem. The Supreme Court ruling prohibits any type or form of tinted windows or solar films. The rise in crime rates inside closed cars led to this court ruling. You can use tinted windows that comply with standards issued by the Motor Vehicles Act 1988.

Top ten Legal Car modification rules

Plate number

Expensive license plates are not permitted under current motor vehicle regulations.

Top ten Legal Car modification rules

Headlight/tail lamp

It is not permitted to replace the headlight or taillight with the existing bulb. No additional lights of any kind are permitted under the Vehicle Code. Because these can become a cause of accidents.

Top ten Legal Car modification rules

Crash guard

Next in the Top ten Legal Car modification rules list comes Crash Guards. These mods have been banned for several reasons. Crash Guards can become the cause of accidents and lead to fatal results.

Top ten Legal Car modification rules

Tires and alloy wheels

The legal rules for car modification in India dictate that modifications can be made to tires and wheels if they meet the specifications set by the car manufacturer. Also, installation of a body lift kit, changing dimensional specifications, etc. is strictly prohibited in India. The modified vehicle must be inspected by the Authority for approval.

Our Top Ten Legal Car Modification Rules list encourages you to get your cars modified while also following the Supreme Court guidelines and laws.

You must maintain your car properly and also make sure you follow all the rules. This can help your car have a longer life.

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