Best Electric Scooters In India in 2024 - 25

Electric scooters are rapidly redefining urban mobility across India, heralding a new era in green and efficient transportation. As cities battle pollution and congestion, these sleek, battery-powered vehicles are becoming a model for sustainable travel. Its rise signals a crucial shift in the way we perceive and navigate urban landscapes, combining convenience with environmental awareness.

The rise in popularity of electric scooters can be attributed to several factors. Technological innovations have greatly increased their performance and reliability. Eco-friendliness is a big attraction and provides an environmentally friendly alternative to traditional petrol-powered scooters. In addition, their profitability and suitability for driving on busy city streets make them an attractive option for the urban traveler.

This article is dedicated to guiding you through the Best Electric Scooters In India in 2024. Our range includes a variety of models, each evaluated based on aspects such as performance, battery life, design aesthetics, safety features, and overall user experience. This selection aims to cater to diverse preferences and requirements, ensuring there is something for everyone.

The electric scooter market in India is full of diversity thanks to the rapid advancement in technology. Modern electric scooters offer longer battery life, ensuring longer trips without the need for frequent charging. Safety has also come to the fore, with enhanced features ensuring safe driving. Designs are becoming more innovative, and smart connectivity options add a layer of convenience and technological appeal, making these scooters more than just a means of transportation.

When considering an electric scooter, factors such as range, top speed, portability, charging time, and price are crucial. These elements determine the practicality and suitability of the scooter to your specific lifestyle and mobility needs.

As we move through our list of the best electric scooters, each model is chosen to meet a variety of needs and preferences. Whether you're looking for efficiency, style, or technological innovation, this guide aims to guide you toward an electric scooter that matches your environmental values and lifestyle requirements.

Best Electric Scooters In India in 2024

Best Electric Scooters In India in 2024: Chetak Premium 2024 electric scooter from Bajaj

The Chetak Premium 2024 electric scooter is a modern reinterpretation of a classic that combines nostalgia with futuristic technology. Its seamless steel design and IP67 waterproof rating make it stylish and durable. The built-in charger adds convenience and allows charging from a standard outlet. TecPac enhances its appeal with advanced features like full app connectivity and hill descent assistance. However, its price could be a consideration for budget-conscious buyers. Ideal for urban commuters who appreciate style and innovation, this scooter is a powerful step toward the future of urban mobility.

Specifications of the Chetak Premium 2024 Electric Scooter by Bajaj:

Range: 127 kms in a single charge

Top Speed: 73 kilometers per hour

Drive Modes: 1 Forward, 1 Reverse, Eco, and Sports with TecPac

Charging: It has an Onboard charger which is 220V with a 15A socket

Safety: it has IP67 water resistance, Front brakes are Disc & Rear brakes are Drum

Additional Features: Key FOB, Bluetooth connectivity, Colour TFT screen with TecPac, Full App Connectivity

Best Electric Scooters In India in 2024

Best Electric Scooters In India in 2024: Chetak Urbane 2024 electric scooter from Bajaj

The Chetak Urbane 2024 offers a stylish and practical solution for green urban mobility. With a range of up to 113 km and a top speed of 63 km/h, it is ideal for urban journeys. The external charger and IP67 rating ensure practicality and durability. Although it lacks some of the features of its premium counterpart, the Urbane edition offers a more affordable price. The TecPac experience adds an attractive touch of technology, although the need for a subscription may not be to everyone's taste. This scooter is ideal for those looking for a reliable and stylish daily commuting option.

Specifications of Chetak Urbane 2024 Electric Scooter by Bajaj:

Range: 113 kms in a single charge

Top Speed: 63 kilometers peer hour  (73 with TecPac)

Drive Modes: 2 Forward, 1 Reverse with TecPac

Charging: It comes with an Offboard charger which is 220V with a 15A socket

Safety: IP67 water resistance, both Front & Rear has Drum Brakes

Additional Features: Key FOB, Bluetooth connectivity, Coloured LCD Display, TecPac options

Best Electric Scooters In India in 2024

Best Electric Scooters In India in 2024: Hero V1 Pro Electric Scooter

The Hero V1 Pro electric scooter is a step forward in electric mobility and offers a combination of speed and technology. With a top speed of 80km/h and a range of up to 110km, it excels in performance. Features like vehicle diagnostics, SOS alerts, and multiple connectivity options add to its appeal. Scooter conveniences like keyless entry and cruise control enhance the riding experience. However, its high speed may raise security concerns for some users, and price may be a consideration. Ideal for those looking for a high-performance electric scooter with many features.

Specifications of Hero V1 Pro Electric Scooter:

Range: 110 km in a single charge

Top Speed: 80 kilometers per hour

Features: BLE + 4G + Wi-Fi Connectivity, it has an Anti-theft alarm and a SOS Alert

Convenience: There is a Keyless entry, a Cruise control, and Four Ride Modes

Additional: Vehicle diagnostics, Remote immobilization, Geofence

Best Electric Scooters In India in 2024

Best Electric Scooters In India in 2024: Yugbike electric scooter

The Yugbike electric scooter is a practical and economical option for short urban trips. The lead-acid battery offers a modest range of 50 kilometers per charge and is suitable for everyday tasks. The inclusion of a remote key and anti-theft alarm adds a layer of security. Its non-RTO rating and no driving license requirements make it easily accessible. However, the lead-acid battery may not be to the taste of those looking for the latest technology, and the limited range may not be sufficient for long trips. Ideal for new users or those who need a basic solution for commuting short distances.

Specifications of the Yugbike Electric Scooter:

Battery: It has a 60V Lead-acid

Range: Approximately 50 km on a single charge

Features: It has a Remote Key, an Anti Theft Alarm, 3 riding Modes,and Reverse Feature

Braking System: It has a Front Disc Brake

Charging Time: 5-6 Hours for a full charge

Best Electric Scooters In India in 2024

Best Electric Scooters In India in 2024: ELESCO electric scooter

ELESCO Electric Scooty is a formidable competitor in the electric scooter market. The special 60V 32Ah carbon battery offers an impressive range of 75-85km, ideal for long urban journeys. One-touch repair/rescue mode is a unique feature that ensures passengers are not left stranded. Speed control options and anti-theft technology improve ease of use and security. However, the 6-7 hour charging time may be a drawback for some and the design may not appeal to all aesthetics. Suitable for those who prioritize independence and innovative features on their electric scooter.

Specifications of ELESCO Electric Scooty:

Battery: It has a 60V 32AH Special Carbon battery

Range: Between 75-85 Km

Charging Time: 6-7 Hours for a full charge

Features: The is Speed Control Options, Anti-Theft Technology, and Side Stand Sensor

Warranty: 1.5 Years for the Battery, 1 Year for the Charger

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