Best car colours for long term: Popular car colours to buy

After deciding on a brand and model, choosing a colour is probably the most fun and perplexing part of the process. While white and black have long been considered the best car colours, there are a plethora of other alternatives. Car manufacturers now provide a wide range of colour options, giving purchasers more choices to select best car colours as per their preference.

While personal preference is important, you must consider a variety of criteria while selecting the ideal automobile colours for the long run. Here's a list of the most popular car colours to help you narrow down your choices.

What is the significance of car colour?

You may be wondering why, aside from personal preference, one should be worried with car colour. But there's a lot more to it than that!

Maintenance implications

To begin with, the colour you choose determines how much car maintenance will require over time to keep it looking new.

The most popular car colours in India are shown below.

Best car colours

The top five most popular car colours in India are listed below.

White: For a long time, white has been a popular car colour. This colour makes car appear larger and helps to keep the interior cool by reflecting heat. As a result, in India's hot temperature, white is considered the greatest and one of the best car colours.

Grey is a popular car colour because of its understated aesthetic and ability to blend in. Grey comes in a variety of colours, including coarse grey and greyish-green.

Silver: Silver cars are attractive and sophisticated, making them a favourite choice among car buyers. Silver is available in a variety of tints to provide buyers with distinct colour selections.

Blue: This colour is associated with a warm and steady state of mind. Different colours of blue provide the owner a sense of uniqueness amid the other automobiles on the road.

Popular colour schemes for various types of automobiles

Choosing the ideal automobile colour depends on the sort of vehicle you want to buy. A list of popular colour selections for various types of cars may be seen below.


Hatchbacks and waggons are mid-size passenger vehicles that are commonly found in white, black, or grey. White in metallic or solid tints gives the appearance of a larger hatchback or waggon. The most popular hatchback/wagon automobile colours are listed below.


While white, black, and grey are the safest colours for sedan cars, other colours are equally popular.


SUVs, or sport utility vehicles, are huge vehicles that come in a variety of white colours, including metallic and pearl. The following are some more popular SUV colours:

Luxury cars

In the premium cars segment, metallic/pearl white, black, and grey are also popular colour choices. The following are also included in the list of best car colours for luxury vehicles.

Best car colours

The easiest and most difficult automobile colours to keep clean

 The easiest-to-keep colours usually last the longest and retain the car's outside appearance. You can choose which car colours to avoid based on how easy they are to maintain.

Car colours that are easy to maintain

Grey is one of the easiest colours to keep clean on a car. Furthermore, it efficiently hides dust and filth on the surface, making a grey automobile appear cleaner for a longer period of time.

White: While white fades at the same pace as red or black, it has no pigment, allowing it to stay brighter over time. While mud stains and splashes are immediately visible on a white car, a simple wash brings out the gleaming attractiveness. As a result, a white car appears cleaner to human eyes than other colours.

Orange is a powerful colour that not only hides pollen and dust, but also cleans up easily.

Yellow: A yellow car stands out on the road and helps to keep the dust and grime off the road. During rainy seasons, however, the mud splashes on this car become more evident.

Car colours are difficult to keep up with

Black: While black is a stylish automotive colour, it fades more quickly than other colours. Even the tiniest amount of dirt, dust, or pollen can be seen on its surface, making it appear dull.

Green: Cleanliness is not an issue with a green car, but its colour draws attention to even slight flaws.

Which car colours are the most durable?

The colours that are simple to maintain and fade slowly are the ones that last the longest. As previously said, long-term attraction can be achieved by using colours such as white, grey, orange, and yellow. White is the colour that lasts the longest out of all the paint selections.

Keep the vehicle shaded to protect it from dust, dirt, and UV rays if you choose faster fading car colours like red and blue.

This is a list of the greatest car colours for increasing resale value.

There is a link between the colour of a car and its resale value. While neutral colours like white, grey, and silver help to retain resale value, you can choose fashionable colours to obtain the most money when reselling your car in the future.

The vibrant colours that fade slower than black and red are listed below. As a result, by utilising these alternatives, you can maintain the market value of your vehicle over time.

What are the all-time best car colour combinations?

Dual-tone automobiles are now available from manufacturers. For a sleek appearance, bright colours like orange, green, and blue are usually matched with white or black.

Top car color combinations:

Orange + White

Green + White

Blue + White

Orange + Black

Green + Black

Blue + Black

Color preferences for cars are trending over the world

According to the BASF 2020-2021 report, in the Asia Pacific region, automotive colour trends are leaning towards emotional and warm tones. As a result, you may anticipate an increase in the popularity of colours like greyish-green, blue, and others.

The paper emphasises the rise in popularity of calming and soothing colours across the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) region. Color preferences in North America, on the other hand, are shifting toward techno-driven versions of various colours and textures.

Best car colours

According to the PPG 2020 research, the global car colour popularity trends are shown below 


  Colour   Popularity in 2020   Popularity in 2021
  White   35%   34%
  Black   18%   18%
  Silver   15%   12%
  Grey   10%   12%
  Blue   8%   9%
  Green   1%   2%
  Red   8%   8%
  Natural/Beige   5%   5%

Monash University produced one of the most popular studies on safe and harmful car colours. According to the survey, white is the safest automobile colour due to its good visibility in a variety of driving conditions. Beige, yellow, and cream are other safe car colours and counted among the best car colours.

The following is a safety report on different car colours based on the same research


Black is the vehicle colour that is most likely to be involved in an accident. Automobile with a black exterior has a 13% higher likelihood of being involved in an accident than one with a white exterior.


The greyish road surface appears to make it more difficult to spot a grey car on the road. A grey car has an 11 percent higher likelihood of crashing than a white car.

A silver car has the same difficulty as a grey car in that it has a 10% higher crash risk than a white one.


According to the survey, blue cars are safer than black, silver, or grey cars and remained one of the best car colours of all time. It was discovered that lighter blue colours were safer than deeper blue shades. However, as compared to white cars, blue cars had a 7% higher likelihood of being involved in an accident.


During the day and during the cloudy or rainy season, red-colored autos are simple to see. However, its colour is easily confused with brake lights, traffic lights, and other road traffic signals at night. As a result, the chances of colliding with a red car are 7% higher than with a white car.


Green is a vivid colour that jumps out in the crowd. If there is grass and trees nearby, though, the colour merges in with the environment. As a result, individuals put themselves at a larger danger of being involved in a car accident on the highway.

Advice on selecting the proper car paint colour

To choose the proper paint colour for your car, follow the guidelines below.

Based on your particular preferences, narrow down the best car colours options.

Find out which colours are the easiest to keep up with.

Recognize which colours can be used to conceal flaws and damage.

To avoid accidents, choose a colour that is easy to notice on the road; lighter tints are better if the car's temperature is a major worry.

Choose a colour that can assist you increase the resale value of your home.

Questions that are frequently asked

The answers to some frequently asked questions are provided below to assist you in selecting the best car colours for the long term.

Which automotive colours have stood the test of time?

White, black, grey, and silver have always been prominent colours all across the world. While a black car is difficult to keep clean, a white, grey, or silver vehicle may be kept clean for a long time.

In 2021, what will be the most popular car colours?

White, grey, silver, and black are always popular car colours. Bright colours like green, blue, and orange, on the other hand, are expected to be more popular in 2021.

Is the colour of a car related to the likelihood of an accident?

It certainly does. Cars with dark colours are more likely to be involved in road accidents than those with lighter colours. While white is the safest colour, black has the highest chance of causing an accident.

Which of the two best car colours, white or silver, would you prefer?

White and silver both have their benefits and drawbacks. For example, because white stands out more than silver as a car colour, it is thought to be less likely to be involved in an accident. Silver, on the other hand, hides dust, dirt, and mud markings better than white.

Both colours, however, are popular and have a high market value. As a result, you are free to make your final decision based on your unique preferences.

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