Upcoming Car Mercedes-Benz E-Class All-Terrain Review

Mercedes gets an extra height, some additional body cladding and above all, a new nameMercedes all terrain! It is suggestive of the versatility of the car and its ability to traverse through all kinds of terrain.

Let us find out more about the car:

It comes only with an option of two diesel engines. Yes, you read that correct! No petrol or hybrid engine options are there.

The car is capable of riding 29mm higher than the estate version. The wheels will come with comparatively high-profile tyres and will be featured with a suspension lift. It will be the Marc’s Standard Air Suspension that will push you by an additional distance of 20mm in the air on pressing the rocker switch for keeping it in the all-terrain mode.

Additionally, there is a setting meant for complete rock-crawling that is featured with 156mm of ground clearance.

The car is powered by lower grade BS IV fuel; however, it meets the emission norms of BS VI.

It is based on the standard wheel-based E-class, quite different from the long-wheeled sedan that is locally assembled. The length of 5m is another feature to admire.

It also comes with a long rear overhang but large wheels and a plastic cladding present on the lower bodywork section. This, along with the bumpers, prevents it from looking odd. 

Also, the scuff plate that is neatly integrated into the lower bumper encircles the twin albeit exhaust ends.

Altogether, the bolder, the bumper and the twin-louver grill help in giving a classy look to the car.

Coming to the interiors, the sense of familiarity in the cabin will please one’s eyes.

The height of the driver’s seat is the same as that in an E-class sedan and hence the outside view will not be anything extraordinary (decent, though).

The ingress/egress is also somewhat similar to the E-class. There is no doubt that the passengers will sit comfortably, though the seat cushions are not the highest in class, the legroom is a bit lesser than that in a long wheelbase sedan and the center tunnel may bother the passenger in the middle seat.

There is a standard air suspension with three levels to give it the correct ride height.

The all-wheel-drive system helps it to achieve an equal distribution of torque on the front and rear axles, depending on the traction available.

There are five different drive modes including the individual mode and all-terrain mode. 

Overall, the driving experience is more engaging as compared to the E-class sedans. The fluid steering and neat dynamics contribute to the driving style. Also, the customization of the steering and suspension settings makes it easier to drive.


  • Multiple driving modes
  • Economic in terms of fuel usage


Body cladding in acquired state


So as you can see, the Mercedes Benz E-Class all terrain has many features worth admiring that make it a great car to purchase. If you are planning to buy a car with an approximate budget of Rs65 lakh, this one can be a great deal!

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