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Car Launching In Auto Expo 2019

Every auto brands are looking forward… for their new car launch in the auto expo 2019. Again it has been a year with so many new cars for the car lovers. They come with different features, attractive appearance and unavoidable prices. Some of them have got a huge hype while some may have not seen such a peak. But overall it was more or less a profitable year for the automobile companies.

Top 5 cars to be launched in the New Year’s auto expo

As the auto expo 2019, is coming nearer, we are getting news about the new car launches of renowned brands. Still, now we have gathered some of the most surprising information about them to share. Here are the few brands which you can have the first look at the expo only.


  • New Ertiga


Maruti Suzuki is launching another Ertiga version which is wider and longer than the earlier one. So it results in a spacious seating in the third row. The sizes of the wheels are 16 inches with the new 104 Hp, 1.5 l petrol and 1.3 l diesel at the time of the launch. The front bumper has been remodelled with a more upright stance. It can be better termed as the second generation car.


  • Mahindra S201


It is a compact SUV which has been developed along with Korean technology. They developed a new sub-4m SUV. Indian roads are perfect for this car as it gets the right ground clearance and also the thickest tyres. Attractive features like the dual zone auto climate control, airbags seven in number, 7-inch touch screen and ESP makes it more acceptable. The engine is having 1.2 l direct injection turbo petrol engine.


  • Tata Harrier


2019 will get this five seater SUV whose engine is having a capacity of 2.0 l diesel engine. The platform of the car is very much similar to the Jaguar Land Rover. Hence it makes the perfect off road driving experience. Even in the latter period, we can be expected seven seaters SUV from them. The brand has kept a competitive pricing which is the main attraction of the auto expo 2019.


  • Nissan Leaf


You don’t have to wait for the New Year for its launch. But to get for you, 2019 is the best time. it is much likely the technology demonstrator. The car has been powered by the 40 kWh battery and touch 140hp. The best part of the leaf is the range which is claimed at 400km. this has been under the Japanese driving cycle. This will be coming to India as a CBU unit.


  • Jeep Wrangler


Another jeep in the New Year that makes the year all purposeful. Last year too we have got such a new surprise and this year they are unveiling the latest generation jeep. It is obviously fuel efficient and is having the elemental qualities of the old modeled jeep still now. so we have to wait for its launch in the auto expo in the upcoming year. Hope it would be satisfactory.

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