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What’s Covered in Car Insurance?

ACCIDENTS- A minor error in judgement can cause a major accident. But don't worry, Insurance take care of the damages to your car everytime.
FIRE- It’s scary to see your car catch fire! But insurance will cover damages caused to your car due to the ones resulting from self-ignition, explosion and lightning.
THEFT- Finding out that your car is stolen can be an absolute nightmare. But insurance will pay you your car’s Insured Value in case your car gets stolen.
CALAMITIES- Natural and man-made calamities can wreak havoc. But insurance will cover damages caused to your car because of earthquake, riots, etc.
THIRD-PARTY- LOSSES Car accidents can result in injury to, and death of any third party, while also damaging property. But insurance will cover damages related to third-party losses.
CAR OWNER COVER - Apart from covering third-party losses and damages to the car, insurance will also provide death and disability cover for the car owner.

What’s NOT Covered in Car Insurance?

ILLEGAL DRIVING- If you drive without a valid driving license, or under the influence of alcohol and/or other illegal substances, you will not be covered.
NON-ACCIDENTAL DAMAGE- Wear & tear, breakdowns, failures, and deductibles are not covered. Also consequential damages or liabilities that arise due to car accidents will unfortunately not be covered.
TYRES, TUBES & ENGINE- Damage to tyres, tubes, and engine is not covered unless they are damaged due to an accident.

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