What is the Difference between Semi-Synthetic and Fully-Synthetic Oil?

Keeping your engine well lubricated is a key factor in keeping your vehicle running smoothly. And your motor oil does this job. No car can function without engine oil. When it's time to change the engine oil, you need to consider a number of factors. You need to understand engine oil viscosity, the brand and grade of motor oil you are using, and of course whether the oil is semi-synthetic vs fully synthetic. 

What is fully synthetic oil?

Most of us are familiar with mineral oils, that are derived from crude oil. Synthetic oils are also derived from the same crude oil, but through a different process. Just like understanding the different fluids used in a vehicle, it is essential that you know the differences between types of motor oils. Fully synthetic oil is distilled, refined and purified to a level that ultimately results in the individual molecules in the oil elevating their performance in a way that is perfectly suited to the demands of modern vehicles. It also breaks down at a slower rate and will therefore perform better than mineral oil.

Full synthetic oils are necessary in newer cars with turbocharged engines because they run much hotter than standard engines. However, fully synthetic oil is highly recommended for cars that are often in stop/start traffic, regularly tow load, etc. Fully synthetic oil is one of those oils that will extend the life of your engine.

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Benefits of fully synthetic oil

What is semi-synthetic oil?

Semi-synthetic oil is a blend of fully synthetic oil and conventional mineral oil. Although it cannot achieve higher performance levels than fully synthetic oil, it performs better than conventional mineral oil. A price comparison of fully synthetic and semi-synthetic oil shows you that the latter has a lower price. If you start using semi-synthetic oil instead of full synthetic oil, your car will not experience any immediate or serious effects. But using it for a long time will not let you enjoy the benefits of driving.

Getting better fuel economy will not be possible with semi-synthetic oil. Don't be confused if someone asks if you want synthetic blends or not. It means as a semi-synthetic oil. The blend is achieved by mixing to the proper density and includes high and low viscosity for high and low engine operating temperatures.

The benefits of semi-synthetic oil

Regardless of the type of oil you use, always pay attention to the SAE value of the oil. It is issued to lubricate the crankcase, transmission and axle lubricants. The lower the number, the more easily the oil will flow.

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