MG Motor India introduces MG Charge initiative; to install 1,000 fast chargers

In a bid to boost India's charging infrastructure, MG Motor India has announced a new project called MG Charge. By this initiative, the carmaker aims to meet the challenge of installing 1,000 AC fast chargers in residential areas in 1,000 days.

Type C electric vehicle chargers are expected to support most electric vehicles. These chargers will be SIM-enabled and can be accessed through a shareable charger management system. It will be operational 24/7 and is expected to benefit residents and visitors to the community. Under the program, MG will provide communities with direction, coordination and general support for the entire installation process.

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MG's first electric vehicle, the ZS EV with free AC fast charger, on-board charging plug and cable, and assisted roadside charging. The automaker will launch the updated version of the ZS EV in India next week on March 7, 2022. The electric SUV will receive cosmetic updates and new features.

Speaking on the launch, Rajiv Chapa, President and CEO of MG Motor India, said: "MG is constantly working to achieve its mission of improving the electric vehicle ecosystem in India. With the launch of MG Charge, we will bring more convenience, address the customer concerns and encourage more to adopt the electric vehicle lifestyle. With this initiative, we will now have a six-way charging solution for our customers and provide increased assurance and confidence.” 

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