Mercedes-Benz India introduces \'Retail of the Future\' to offer better luxury buying experience

-Mercedes-Benz India will sell through its designated franchisees, while owning the entire vehicle inventory under the 'Retail of the Future' (ROTF) sales model.rnrn-Q4 2021 onwards The ROTF business model will be implemented in India.rnrn- Mercedes-Benz India will directly compensate the franchise membersrnrnMercedes-Benz India has adopted a "direct to customer" sales model In an effort to improve the car buying experience called Retail of the Future (ROTF). The initiative is expected to provide customers with a better luxury car buying experience. Under the new business model, Mercedes-Benz India will own the entire vehicle inventory and sell them through designated franchise partners. Additionally, new cars will be invoiced directly to customers, and orders will be processed and fulfilled, thus offering customers a transparent shopping and pricing experience. The ROTF business model will be implemented in India from the fourth quarter of 2021 onwards.rnrnIt is worth noting that the ROTF business model will be limited to the sale of new cars. There will be no changes to the operation of the separate lines of business, including customer services, used cars and accessories business. The selling price of all new cars will be centrally managed by Mercedes-Benz India.rnrnMercedes Benz India Mercedes Benz 'ROFT'rnrnAfter implementing the ROTF sales model later this year, customers can expect the following benefits:rnrn- Benefit from the best prices directly from the company and benefit from a transparent price comparison across the entire range.rnrn- Mercedes-Benz will bill new cars directly to customers rather than franchisees.rnrnCustomers can choose a color of their choice without worrying about agreeing to the color options in the franchise. According to the ROTF sales model, the process will be simplified and the vehicle can be arranged according to the customer's color preference. The whole process will be smooth and uncomplicated.rnrnBelow are the benefits that Mercedes-Benz Franchise Partners receive:rnrn- Go to Mercedes-Benz India Partners "Direct to Customer" for the sale of new carsrnrn- Mercedes-Benz India will directly compensate the franchise membersrnrn-Availability of a larger selection of ready-made carsrnrn-Low risk and no stockrnrnAlthough Mercedes-Benz will own the entire vehicle inventory, the vehicles will continue to be sold through franchise partners and will continue to represent the brand in the market. They will also be responsible for developing the relationship with customers and managing the operational management of customer interactions. In addition, the Franchise Partners will be responsible for developing the local market requirements, continuing local retail marketing activities, and will be responsible for creating and managing leads. The existing showroom infrastructure will not change and will remain the same.rnrnRead More: Mercedes-Benz unite with ‘Get My Parking’ for intuitive parking experience