Isuzu organized Summer Service Camp

Isuzu Company organized a service camp for the maintenance of its brand cars from 20th to 25th May. All the mu-X and D-Max owners were able to get the advantages of the service camp organized by the Isuzu. Numerous car makers are carrying out these kinds of summer camps on the arrival of the summer season, and Isuzu did the same. The owners of the Isuzu cars booked their nearest outlets and got the best services for their vehicles. To ensure the hassle-free driving experience for the Isuzu users, the company had availed service camps at various places in the country. rnrnWhere was the service camp organized?rnrnThere were several locations chosen by Isuzu to organize the service summer camps for the Isuzu vehicle owners. The Summer Service Camp During 20-25 May was held in the authorized servicing centers which are situated in Ahmadabad, Vishakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Pane, Noida, Delhi, Guru gram, Bangalore, Vadodara, Chennai, Trivandrum, Coimbatore, Tirupati, Hyderabad, Siliguri, Indore, Jalandhar, Rajkot, Kanpur, Jodhpur, Karnal, Ludhiana, Kochi, Rajahmundry, Nagpur, Mumbai, Nellore, Lucknow, Kurnool and Kolkata. rnrnThere are several services provided for the preventive maintenance of the Isuzu cars by the company, but some of  the first services provide by Isuzu Summer Service are given  here:rnrnWhat is the goal of Isuzu summer service camps?rnrnThe primary purpose of setting up the summer servicing camps by the Isuzu summer service is to make sure the Isuzu users are using their cars with satisfaction.  It might be a way to increase the loyal potential customers in the future as the customers only trust the company which does something for the benefit of their clients. To enhance the bond with the present customers, the company has decided to take organize summer camps. rnrnThe Suzu Summer Service Camp is also organized to make sure those cars of the customers work with the best performance. The experienced and well-qualified technicians are called to provide full attention and care for the Isuzu vehicle. The car wash is done as per the guidelines are given in the car brochure. The periodical maintenance of the car improves the performance of the vehicle, and the customers also get a rewarding experience. The customers were also educated about different ways to take care of their cars. The driving rules are revised for the customers so that the accidents can be avoided. rn

Chance to get Isuzu car accessories  

rnIn the Suzu summer service camp, the customers can also get attractive discounts on the car spare parts and various accessories. The special discounts and offers are provided on vehicle tires. The extended warranty for the vehicles was also offered in this summer camp. The car check-up session in the summer cap offers several benefits for the car and value is added to the car.rnrnThe customers gave an overwhelming response during the summer service camp as they were in huge number. The company will look forward to organizing such camps again and again over the months. To connect with customers, it is a unique approach to the company.  There are several other car companies which also organize summer camps every year. There were various outlets made available by Isuzu in different parts of the country so that the customers can get access to the service camp facilities an advantage.rnrnYou Might Also Like: Top 5 Mergers & Acquisitions in Automotive HistoryrnrnProducing best quality of cars and vehicles isn’t enough for a company to get successful but some extra efforts need to be done by the Isuzu car, and that’s why this decision was taken by Isuzu manufacturing company. The customers got satisfied after they got their vehicles repaired and serviced for free. They also got rid of their doubts and queries related to the car by talking to the professional car technicians who were there at the camp. This is going to provide a better driving experience to the customers, and they will stay loyal towards Isuzu. The company offers several discounts and offers on car purchase and sale is with organizing camps for the benefit of the car buyers. The Isuzu outlets were full of customers during the six days of summer camp.