IONAGE and SundayGrids join to launch digital solar EV charging platform

IONAGE, a prominent eMobility service provider, in collaboration with SundayGrids, a digital solar platform, has unveiled a digital solar based EV Charging platform. This platform provides EV owners the convenience of charging their vehicles using solar power anywhere, anytime.

Established in 2021, IONAGE has emerged as a dynamic force empowering CPOs, businesses and electric vehicle owners in their journey to sustainable mobility. The company said in a press release that it has currently added 3,000 charging points nationwide and aims to add another 3,000 in the next two quarters and more than 100,000 charge points by 2028.

Vimal Kumar, Co-Founder and CEO, IONAGE Technologies, said: “Our commitment to addressing critical gaps on India’s path to net zero emissions is unwavering. Through innovative products like digital solar, we are accelerating the adoption of sustainable mobility at scale, moving India towards its ambitious carbon emissions goals."

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The platform stands out for allowing electric car owners to subscribe and use digital solar credits at home chargers and across all charging networks connected to the IONAGE platform. Additionally, it offers opportunities for charging point operators (CPOs) to reach IONAGE's 65,000 users and enable digital solar-based charging on their network, according to the release.

"SundayGrids is proud to collaborate with IONAGE in pioneering India's first solar-powered digital electric vehicle charging platform. Together, we are disrupting the accessibility and perception of solar energy, empowering individuals and businesses to embrace clean energy solutions," said Matthew Samuel, Co-Founder, SundayGrids.

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