Greaves Electric partners with battery tech company Mesha Energy Solutions

New Delhi: Greaves Electric Mobility, the e-mobility arm of Greaves Cotton Limited, on Tuesday announced a strategic partnership with Bengaluru-based energy storage technology company Mesha Energy Solutions Pvt Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of US-based Mesha Inc.

" With this association, the company aims to improve battery technology for its products across its portfolio and expand its reach," Graves Electric Mobility said in a statement.

“The battery is an integral part of the EV and this partnership with the company is part of our strategy to create a robust and enabling ecosystem for electric vehicles. Furthermore, to fulfill our promise to accelerate the adoption of electric vehicles in India, our partnership with Misha will help deliver higher performance with advanced battery technology solutions. Not only to our customers in India but around the world and to consolidate our position as a leader in the field of electrical vehicles,” the statement said.

Mesha Energy Solutions has patented solutions to deliver faster charging and a longer cycle life for almost any chemistry. Their methodology enables two times faster charging, enabling a ride with less intrusive and greater customer convenience. Mesha also offers an integrated load balancer, which ensures the batteries are charged and working in optimal conditions.

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“Our goal is to create technologies to address the issues facing batteries today, such as dealing with high power demands, accepting high charge currents, and optimizing the life cycle of deep discharge applications. The solutions we offer are battery-independent and improve the performance of conventional batteries. We are excited about our partnership with Greaves Electric Mobility. The company’s extensive network will help us deliver our solutions to millions, thus creating a stronger integration of the Indian and international markets,” Kannankote Sriram, founder of Mesha and Board Member of Mesha Power Solutions, said.

In past few months, Greaves Electric Mobility has taken several initiatives to accelerate the growth of electric vehicles in the country: the acquisition of Bestway electric three-wheeler company (ELE e-rickshaw), MLR Auto (e-auto) and multi-brand electric vehicle retail store. AutoEVmart, the launch of the largest electric vehicle manufacturer in Ranipet (Tamil Nadu) for in-house financing through. The statement added that NBFC Greaves Finance Electric Vehicles.

Through this partnership, Greaves Electric Mobility has strengthened its position in the electric vehicle battery sector and is able to provide a better driving experience for its electric vehicle customers. Faster charging allows longer uptime for business use cases and more peace of mind for individual customers.

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