Fasmho Energy partners with Cyantron to deploy EV battery management systems

New Delhi: Fasmho Energy, a leading intelligent EV battery management technology startup, has announced a partnership with Cyantron Synergies, manufacturers of advanced battery packs, to develop high-voltage battery technology for electric vehicles, buses, transportation equipment. material handling and trucks. The companies will jointly develop and manufacture high-voltage battery systems estimated worth over USD 180 million out of which, intelligent battery management units (BMUs) supplied by Fasmho are expected to be valued at over USD 10 million.

This collaboration underscores the importance and opportunity of developing safe and efficient battery building blocks to improve battery performance and safety in India, where reliable indigenous solutions are scarce.

As a result of this collaboration, Fasmho and Cyantron will co-develop and produce over 32,000 units of custom-designed high-voltage smart battery systems over the next three years. Drawing upon Fasmho Energy's specialized expertise in battery intelligence and Cyantron Synergies' competency in the design and manufacturing of advanced chemical cells and battery packs, the two companies aim to become formidable providers of world-class energy storage solutions for consumers. Indian electric vehicle manufacturers.

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Abdul Aziz Khan, CEO of Fasmho Energy, said: "India is currently witnessing an electric vehicle revolution with towns and cities placing record orders for clean and energy-efficient electric public buses and other large vehicles. Backed by our strong industrial ecosystem, OEMs are We choose to manufacture in India and are excited to partner with Cyantron Synergies to develop and produce advanced and intelligent integrated energy storage solutions for high voltage use cases. Whether manufacturing electric buses or trucks, our solution It will be a big boost for manufacturers in India by reducing dependence on imports of such critical components.

Fasmho Energy has made substantial strides in the low-voltage BMS category through its innovative approach and commitment to extensive research and development. Through this partnership, Fasmho Energy will expand into the high-voltage building management systems sector. It is also supported by iCreate, a leading technology incubator.

"During our journey to support hundreds of electric vehicle customers, we noticed a critical gap in reliable electrical monitoring for advanced chemical energy storage solutions," said Mohamed Obaiddin, Director of Cyantron Synergies. Our solution seamlessly integrates intelligent algorithms into the electric vehicle ecosystem, ensuring real-time problem resolution. Ranging from cell design to manufacturing of cells and battery pack assemblies, Cyantron aims to be the ultimate solutions provider. Through our strategic partnership with Fasmho Energy, we aim to provide a powerful and intelligent energy storage solution for electric vehicles and advance our vision of a greener future.

The partnership between Fasmho Energy and Cyantron Synergies comes at a critical time when India's high- and ultra-high-voltage energy storage needs rely heavily on imported solutions for battery management systems and power distribution units.

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