EKA partners with Log9 Materials to provide fast charging battery solutions

Electric vehicle technology company EKA, today announced that it has signed a MoU with Log9 Materials, a battery-powered company in Bangalore, to provide fast charging battery solutions. Under the partnership, Log9 will provide RapidX battery solutions for the EKA E9 electric bus line and its upcoming light commercial vehicle lineup.

In particular, Log9 RapidX batteries are mainly used for electric buses and SCVs which come with 15 years warranty and long cycle life (15,000+ charge and discharge cycles) in India. These batteries are powered by InstaCharge battery technology which enables a charging time of less than 30 minutes on EKA's LCV and e-Bus platforms, according to the company.

fast charging battery solutions

The company claims that Log9 batteries will be available in the market within the next 3 to 6 months. Following the launch of the respective vehicle platforms, EKA and Log9 will aim to deploy at least 10,000 compact InstaCharged vehicles and more than 200 e-buses in one year. Initially, the vehicles will be deployed in the Mumbai and Pune metropolitan areas.

EKA is a subsidiary of Pinnacle Industries and is among the three commercial vehicle manufacturers approved under the OEM Champion scheme of the Government of India's Auto PLI policy.

EKA recently introduced the first fully electric 9-meter bus, the E9. These buses come at a lower total cost of ownership (TCO) than current diesel buses and other commercial vehicles. In addition, EKA also plans to introduce light commercial vehicles with lower operating costs to help companies achieve sustainability goals.

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