Comparison between TVS Jupiter Classic Vs TVS Victor

Given their usefulness and simplicity of use, scooters nowadays are fast becoming the favorite choice of two-wheeler buyers. The TVS Victor is one of our favorites in the 110cc motorcycles segment. Its lively engine, good brakes and the amazing features make it a wonderful bike. Its competitor is the next highest selling scooter of this variant in the country, the TVS Jupiter. Here is a detailed comparison of the TVS Jupiter vs TVS Victor on the basis of price, specifications & other features. rnrnTVS has always paid keen attention to the reliability of its products.  Jupiter Classic’s Price starts from Rs. 56,763 and TVS Victor Price starts from Rs. 53,295. The claimed mileage for the Classic is 62 kmpl and for the Victor is 72 kmpl. rnrnPerformance: rnrnThe Jupiter has a fairly refined powertrain, with transmission judder kept well under control and linear power delivery from its CVT gearbox. But even then, Victor's engine-transmission feels like it is from a different league altogether when ridden back to back. The engine is buttery smooth, with instant response to throttle inputs, thanks to its strong torque and lag-free CVT box. Both the scooters get a classic 109.7cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine. The Jupiter gets two valves’ engine while the Victor gets a three-valve engine. The output of the former is higher at 9.5bhp and 9.4Nm of torque as compared to the Jupiter’s 7.9bhp and 8Nm of torque which is a huge distinction in performance. rnrnHandling & Quality:rnrnThe ride quality is an area where the Victor easily challenges the Jupiter Classic with better suspension and the larger 17-inch front wheel. The Classic’s ride quality is one of the best in its class, but it does not stand a chance against the Victor. Even the front brake on the latter has a stronger initial bite and more stopping power. The Jupiter former's front disc brake seems to be softened up as a safety measure, to stop people from locking the front wheel by grabbing on to the lever too hard during an emergency. Nevertheless, the smaller 12-inch front wheel makes the Jupiter Classic better at filtering through traffic and taking tight turns in slow-moving traffic. rnrnComfort & Ergonomics:rnrnBoth are designed to find favor with a wide range of users. Both have similar seat heights, with an upright seating position, wide, well-cushioned seats and a flat and wide floorboard. The Jupiter Classic has sufficient under-seat storage to accommodate a full face helmet. rnrnSo if you are in the market looking for a 110cc two-wheeler, making a decision isn’t that simple anymore. Given their practicality and ease of use, scooters are fast becoming the preferred choice among two-wheeler buyers. The Victor strikes the perfect balance of engine performance, fuel economy, features and even styling. Besides, the comfortable ride and the ease of maintenance make it a better motorcycle for an urban setting. The sheer practicality and ease of use of the bike tips the scales in the TVS Victor’s favor.