Air Pollution: Top Five Best Affordable Air Purifier Cars in India

Climate and air quality monitoring have become a very popular feature in the Indian auto market, due to the increasing levels of pollution, especially in big cities. The characteristic becomes even more important in winter when the air quality often deteriorates to very dangerous levels. Therefore, many car manufacturers have started to introduce air purifiers in their products. But most of the time this feature comes in the more expensive variants. However, there are some reasonable and best Affordable Air Purifier Cars in India to choose from.

Here is a list of the 5 Best Affordable Air Purifier Cars in India :


1. Hyundai i20

Hyundai i20 vs Baleno Hyundai i20

Price: Rs 6.80 lakh - Rs 11.18 lakh
The i20 has undergone many changes in the third generation in terms of design and features. A major addition is the air purifier which comes invariants of the Asta (O) (Rs 9.20 - Rs 11.18 lakh), Asta Turbo (Rs 9.90 - Rs 10.67 lakh), and the Asta CVT (Rs 9.70 lakh).

2. Hyundai venue

best cars under 10 lakhs Hyundai Venue

Price: Rs 6.75 Lakh - Rs 11.65 Lakh
This Venue SUV under 4 meters in length has given tough competition to its competitors in this segment. It comes with an air filtration function in some variants which include SX (O) (Rs 10.85 - Rs 11.09 Lakh) and SX + DCT (Rs 11.36 - Rs 11.51 Lakh).

3. Kia Sonet


Price: Rs 6.71 Lakh - Rs 12.99 Lakh
The recently launched Kia Sonet boasts some premium features and powertrain options for fuel-efficiency. It includes a factory-installed air purifier on top variants like HTX + (Rs 11.65 - Rs 11.75 lakh) and GTX + (Rs 11.99 - Rs 12.99 lakh).

4. Hyundai Creta

cars with price in india Hyundai Creta

Price: Rs 9.81 lakh - Rs 17.32 lakh
The Creta is without a doubt one of Hyundai's most successful offerings. It comes with an air purifier in SX (O) (Rs 15.91 - Rs 17.32 lakh) and automatic SX variants (Rs 15.06 - Rs 16.11 lakh).

5. Kia Seltos


Price: Rs 9.89 lakh - Rs 17.34 lakh
The Kia Seltos has changed more than a few feathers when entering the Indian market. Like the Creta, it has powertrain and air-purification options along with other features. The variants containing the air purifier are HTX (Rs 13.34 - Rs 14.44 lakh), HTX + (Rs 15.49 - Rs 16.49 lakh), HTX Anniversary Edition (Rs 13.75 - Rs 14.85 lakh), GTX (Rs 15.54 Lakh) and GTX + (Rs 16.39 - Rs 17.34 lakh).

So here was the Best Affordable Air Purifier Cars in India offered by Hyundai and Kia.

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