8 Tips to Extend the Battery Life of an E-bike

You might not be able to double the life of your electric bike battery, but with these eight tips you can increase the life of your electric bike battery.

Always use a branded charger given by the manufacturer

Always charge your electric bike battery with the charger provided by the manufacturer. Using a different brand or wrong charger may cause the battery to explode or affect its performance. You might have to replace the battery before than average time, which can be quite expensive. Therefore, your charging habits play a significant role in enhancing the battery life of your electric bike.

Charge Fully Before Leaving Home

Keeping the e-bike's battery fully charged before going out on a ride is the best way to extend its life. Do not drain the battery completely. Instead, keep it between 20 and 40% charged. However, it is hazardous to overcharge. It is advisable to remove the battery charger immediately once the battery is fully charged.

Another notable tip: If you find that the battery is taking longer to charge than earlier, Replace it.

Avoid sudden acceleration

While riding your electric bike, you should avoid sudden acceleration as it negatively affects the battery performance. Use speed control and slow down the speed for smooth acceleration while riding.

Check battery capacity and range

Electric scooters usually have lithium batteries that can hold a charge for longer hours. However, you must know the capacity to know how far your electric bike can run on a single charge.

The range of your electric two-wheeler depends upon several factors such as make, model, location, and battery size. All these factors must be taken into consideration to make the right buying decision.

Find a safe charging station

There is a risk of explosion when overcharging large lithium batteries. On a safer side, it is better to designate a place to charge your electric bike battery. You can choose an empty garage floor or a separate room outside your home. Remember that the location should be dry and free from humidity.

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Read the user Manual

Another effective battery maintenance tip is to read the user manual before charging it. The manufacturer defines the maximum or average number of charging cycles for a given battery. In addition, warnings and directions to charge are mentioned it. Read it carefully to get the best results.

Keep your electric bike in the Right Temperature

The performance of an electric bike battery depends on where you park the vehicle because extreme weather can swell up the battery. These are the consequences of not keeping your electric car in the right place:

  1. Liquid leakage can cause explosions.
  2. Frozen electrolytes present in batteries can cause short circuits.

Therefore, keep your electric bike in the right place and at an accurate temperature. As mentioned above, you can refer to the user manual to find out the appropriate temperature for parking the e-scooter.

Another crucial tip is to opt for comprehensive e-bike insurance to be compensated for own damages be compensated due to several unforeseen risks, including fire. Also read the policy wording before purchasing so you don't miss any points.

Carrying Capacity is Important

Payload capacity refers to the maximum carrying capacity of the vehicle and it differs from model to model. You need to check the user manual for your electric bike model for load capacity. Eventually, overcharging will damage the battery. Therefore, do not exceed the load capacity.

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