12 best driving tips in India you can\'t learn in driving school

Even the most experienced drivers do not always know all the subtleties or nuances that can make driving easier. We explain how to feel comfortable while driving, be good at parking, lead to avoid dangerous situations, and become a safe driver by providing you with the best driving tips in India that one should follow.

Here is the list of best driving tips in India one should follow :


Check that all mirrors are properly set

best driving tips

If the mirrors are not properly adjusted, a blind spot appears. A blind spot is a section of the road that you cannot see, so you may lose a car driving in a lane near traffic. To eliminate blind spots, adjust the side mirrors so that you cannot see your car in them. To check for a blind spot, drive in front of another parked vehicle in the opposite direction, and look in the side rearview mirror. Once you are out of the image, you should see it with your peripheral vision.

The rearview mirror needs to be adjusted so that you can fully see your car's rear window. When adjusting the mirrors, they should be in a normal driving position.

Let's feel where the wheels are

best driving tips

If you want to be able to avoid potholes in the roadway and not scratch hub caps when stopping, you must lea
how the wheels feel. Take an empty plastic bottle, run it with your foot, and put it on the road. Practice driving on the left and right front wheels at the same time. Open the window to hear the bottle crinkle.

Park guided by windows and mirrors

best driving tips

When standing upright, stop as soon as you see the sidewalk under the side mirror. This way, the distance between the car and the sidewalk will be minimal and will not scratch the bumper.

When standing parallel, make sure that the connection caps are not scratched. Place a piece of colored tape on the bottom of the windshield. Stop as soon as the sign meets the curb line. It is better to stand parallel in the opposite direction: this way the sidewalk is visible in the side mirrors, so you will not be too close to it.

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Dry the brakes after driving in a puddle

best driving tips

Before even the smallest puddles, it is best to slow down and go smoothly without maneuvering or changing gears. If you are driving fast, there is a chance that water may get into the ignition system and cause the engine to stop. Also, water skiing can start; This is when the car loses its power and loses control.

After passing a large puddle, do not stop the engine and do not change speed. Dry the brakes first: depress the accelerator pedal, and depress the brake pedal several times. Friction causes heat, so the water evaporates from brake pads.

Watch out for taller cars maneuvering ahead

best driving tips

Be careful not only of the car ahead but also of those on the road. Drivers of taller vehicles (trucks and buses) see road conditions more clearly. If they all started changing lanes at the same time, they likely witnessed a car accident or a different type of barricade. Follow their lead and change lanes as well.

If the car does not start, turn on the high beam

best driving tips

Sometimes in winter, the car does not start on the first try. Before trying, heat up your car battery by tu
ing on the high beam. A radio or pointer can also work.

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Lower the rearview mirror at night

best driving tips

Not many drivers are aware that the standard rearview mirror has two modes: day and night mode. To avoid getting blinded by a car behind you, change the angle of the mirror by lowering the lever below it.

Turn on the air conditioner

best driving tips

Even when the air conditioner is not being used (for example, in winter), tu
it on regularly for a short period of time. Otherwise, the coolant will leak and the pipes will dry out.

Use the parking brake regularly

best driving tips

Even if you don't park at an angle, use the parking brake regularly to keep it alive. The only exception is very cold weather. In such circumstances, it is best to avoid using the handbrake so that the brake pads do not freeze.

If the car is slowing down in an adjacent lane, do the same

best driving tips

If you see a car in the adjacent lane slowing down, you should do the same. The driver is likely to want to let a pedestrian or animal pass.

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Don't let the illusion of low speed fool you

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On a straight road, the speed appears two times less than it actually is. If it does not slow down before tu
ing, the vehicle may start skidding.

Do not turn the wheels in advance when turning left

best driving tips

It is dangerous to turn on the wheels Before turning left. They must be in the starting position. If a car collides with you from behind, you may be thrown into the opposite lane, where collision with other cars will be unavoidable.

So, these are the few best driving tips in India that one should follow let’s make it clear that putting on seat belts, following rules and regulations are not tips at all, which is what few of us would think. Instead, these things are mandatory for everyone.

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