Yamaha FZ-X vs Yamaha FZ-S: Top 5 Differences

The Yamaha FZ-X was latest addition to the Indian squad. However, the manufacturer was already presenting a model of the range in the form of the FZ-S. In case you are confused between the two motorcycles, here we list the top five differences between the Yamaha FZ-X and FZ-S.rn


rnYamaha FZ-X Yamaha FZ-XrnrnThe most obvious and noticeable difference between the Yamaha FZ-X and the FZ-S is the design. The FZ-X is inspired by the XSR 155 and has a round full-LED headlight with aluminum brackets, a square-shaped fuel tank and a foldable seat design. And since Yamaha positions the FZ-X as a capable touring motorcycle, it also comes with fork gaiters and textured tires that add to its appeal.rnrnYamaha FZ-S Yamaha FZ-SrnrnMeanwhile, the FZ-S draws inspiration from the design of the now discontinued FZ-1000. So it has a unique low-suspension headlight design and a muscular fuel tank with forged air intakes on both sides. The Yamaha FZ-S also has a one-piece seat and unique taillight that sits on the same license plate holder.rn


rnYamaha FZ-S Dark Matt Blue Yamaha FZ-S Dark Matt BluernrnAside from the design, the other most noticeable difference between the FZ-X and the FZ-S out there is the color options. Yamaha offers the FZ-S in a selection of seven colors. These are: Matt Red, Matt Black, Metallic Red, Dark Matt Blue, gray and cyan, as well as Dark Knight and Vintage Green.rnrnFZ-X metallic blue that features the 01 graphic Yamaha FZ-X metallic blue that features the 01 graphicrnrnWhile the FZ-X is available in three colors: matte black, matte copper, and a metallic blue that features the "01" graphic on the tank and a dark brown seat.rnrnAlso Read: TVS Apache RTR 200 4V vs Yamaha FZ 25: Performance Comparisonrn

Added Functions In FZ-X

rnYamaha FZ-X comes with Bluetooth connectivity as an option Yamaha FZ-X comes with Bluetooth connectivity as an optionrnrnBesides style, the list of features is what really sets the FZ-X and FZ-S apart. Now both motorcycles come with single-channel ABS, LED headlights and an LCD instrument cluster. However, the FZ-X jumps ahead by offering an LED backlight, USB charging as standard, and Bluetooth connectivity as an option.rn

Fuel Tank Capacity And Seat Height

rnYamaha FZ-X Seat Height Yamaha FZ-X Seat HeightrnrnThe Yamaha FZ-S has a fuel tank capacity of 13 litres, which is proportionally larger than the FZ-X with a 10-litre unit. Even the seat height on two motorcycles is different. While the seat height of the FZ-S is 790 mm, the seat height of the FZ-X is 810 mm.rnrnYamaha FZ-S Seat Height Yamaha FZ-S Seat Heightrn


rnYamaha listed the FZ-S as the more expensive of the two with a starting price of Rs.1.08 lakh for the base version. The Dark Knight variant is priced at Rs.1.09 lakh, while the Vintage Edition will cost you Rs.1.11 lakh.rnrnYamaha FZ-S Dark Knight variant priced at Rs.1.09 lakh Yamaha FZ-S Dark Knight variant priced at Rs.1.09 lakhrnrnOn the other hand, the FZ-X costs a premium over the FZ-S and is available in two variants, with or without Bluetooth. The standard model is priced at Rs 1.17 lakh while the Bluetooth-equipped version is priced at Rs 1.20 lakh(Ex-showroom).rnrnYamaha FZ-X standard model priced at Rs 1.17 lakh Yamaha FZ-X standard model priced at Rs 1.17 lakhrnrnRead More: Yamaha YZF-R15 Version 3.0 launched in new Metallic Red color option