Wuling launches three upgraded Hong Guang compact MPV models

SAIC-GM-Wuling has hurled three advanced Wuling Hong Guang models: the Hong Guang V, Hong Guang S and Hong Guang S3. From marketable usage to the personal and family procedure, the trio targets to come across the varied requirements of patrons all over China for functionality, expediency, and accessibility.rnrnLocated as an expert commercial transporter, the Hong Guang V talks about the higher demands of business users. The innovative model's inside, cargo volume and robustness have all been boosted. Nineteen storage spaces enhance spaciousness and accessibility.rnrnIts 2,850-mm wheelbase and removable seats provide the new Hong Guang V up to 4,300 liters of cargo space. The side central door has a standard sliding design with a measurement of more than 700 mm, making it suitable to load freight and easy for commuters to enter and out.rnrnThe hatchback design has also influenced the requirements of business consumers. The rear door opens to an altitude of 1,824mm, as it makes quite easier to go towards massive items. In the meantime, the floor in the rear is almost 20 percent less than the floor of its entrants, for the accessibility of commercial clientele.rnrnThe Hong Guang V was placed through 40,000km of wide-ranging road tests, which is corresponding to 160,000km of normal driving. It performed perfectly in both high and low-temperature durability testing, brake system robustness testing and other precise tests. It has maximum erosion confrontation, having suffered the equal of six years of enriched erosion road tests.rnrnHowever, it is an MPV; the innovative Hong Guang S has approved more SUV components in line with the Hong Guang family’s traditional benefits in space, power and fuel economy. It will come across the different demands of both commercial and family workers.rnrnAs is has been set as 'the upper-level Hong Guang S',  the cutting-edge Hong Guang S3 has enough cargo space than an SUV, perfect driving subtleties than an MPV, larger comfort than a traditional commercial minivan and more sensibleness than a car.rnrnIt is the major off-the-rack vehicle that is available with the Electronic Clutch Management (ECM) system which provides the preeminent of both worlds of a manual and automatic communication. The system has been set through widespread permanence assessments in Germany and 40,000km of strength tests in China to make sure it meets Wuling’s high standards for security, consistency, and superiority.rnrnThe innovative Hong Guang V, Hong Guang S and Hong Guang S3 are valued from 45,800 yuan (Rs 466,000 to 76,800 yuan (Rs 781,000).rnrnIn 2010, the Wuling Hong Guang unlocked the compact MPV segment in China. It has been the frontrunner in the section ever since, with a regular sales record of over 80,000 units. The Hong Guang sign is a mainstay in the queue of SAIC-GM-Wuling, which is China’s prominent manufacturer of mini-commercial vehicles.rnrnIn the meantime, in April 2018, Wuling Motors included next product to its route, the Cortez Medium MPV, and later also presented another traveler car, the Wuling Formo, in late 2018. Throughout the 2018 Gaikindo Indonesia International Autoshow, Wuling roundabout it would issue a new SUV in 2019. rnrnYin Yi of Wuling Motors told that on the side from presenting the new product, the year 2019 would be utilized by Wuling to grow its reach to more Indonesian consumers by emerging new dealerships. Wuling Motors has a target to have over-all of 120 authorizations all over Indonesia, up from the 93 it at present has.rnrnAs per data from the Indonesian car manufacturers association (Gaikindo), Wuling Motors sold 4,958 parts in 2017. In the meantime in 2018, Wuling Motors sold 17,002 cars wholesale and set itself in the ninth rank on the list of almost sold brands in wholesale. Japanese car manufacturer Toyota still surpassed the wholesale list in 2018 with 352,161 cars, followed by Daihatsu with 202,738, Honda with 162,170 and Mitsubishi Motors with 142,861.