What to Expect from Suzuki in 2018 Auto Expo India

The market of the two-wheelers is one of evergreen nature. Although there is a lot of buzz in the two-wheelers in the market these days, but Suzuki will shed all the mist. In the market if there is one brand that is stepping up, is the Suzuki which is playing it all well in this field. It will be a fun to watch what Suzuki will have for us in this Auto Expo?

Suzuki SV 650

The initial CKD plan of the Suzuki tasted failure and was not successful to impress with Inazuma Indian bikers. It is probably because of the high asking price and overzealous styling. But, the iconic Suzuki Hayabusa via the CKD route it reduced the price of the motorcycle by a significant amount.

The new Suzuki SV 650 is a middleweight naked motorcycle and it is a more of a stepping stone for the bikers looking for an entry level experience. It is inspired from the first generation Ducati Monster, it has a bulbous tank, round headlamp, with a small cowl, contrast finish trellis, frame and a chunky exhaust muffler. All the above features perfectly fit for the Indian market.


Suzuki GSX 750

This particular segment of the motorcycle has seen a considerable improvement over the past few years. And with the Triumph Street Triple S and the Kawasaki Z900 the rankings have gone up. Suzuki is a potent motorcycle that can fight with these street fighters lined up. And Suzuki GSX 750 is the name. Suzuki is planning to launch it in India in 2018.

Suzuki GSX 750 Is made in Japan unlike the motorcycles built in Thailand and shipped in India. Since Suzuki has already the CKD facility for the Hayabusa, it won’t be a problem to assemble the Suzuki GSX 750 to assemble in India. The styling of the bike is inspired from the other version GSX-S1000- and this has inherited it with a muscular look.


New 125cc Scooter

Suzuki has already been successful in the scooters in the Indian market, the new Access 125 is the name. The scooter launched in 2016 Auto Expo and now for the 2018 it is planning something bashing. The Japanese giant is all set to launch another scooter. Suzuki Swish 125 was predicted but no it won’t come this year.

The scooter could be based on the current Access 125cc, but will be styled sportily. Features will be like exte
al fuel-filler cap, fully digital console, and maybe, even an LED headlamp. The engine will be tuned to slightly more power to enhance the riders experience.


New Mystery Motorcycle

Also the Suzuki will come up with new motorcycles. Well, no one knows about them beforehand. The Japanese manufacturer has already evolved the Gixxer, so they are going to be different. It could be like, bikes which will come up to compete with the Gixxer and will prove a good step-up for the existing Gixxer owners. Even though a speculation, the bike might be a updated version of Gixxer.