What Mercedes is Ready With For Us : 2018 Auto Expo

An astounding figure of 15 new variants in the Auto Expo 2017 was from the Mercedes alone. Even the 7 out of which wore an AMG badge.  Well, the fact-figure is just to convey you that being a premium product range, it showed such deals. This will of course put the buyers in a haywire situation what Mercedes is coming about this year?

It is better to hope for some great deals coming out this year. So let’s get into what Mercedes is up for this time around.

Mercedes-Benz EQ Concept

The car which is to define the fate of the Mercedes in the Auto Expo is nothing but the Concept cars. In the coming age of the electrified cars Mercedes is going to have a tough time in dealing with all the competition. The Concept cars are here to pull the sales of the company this time. The battery-powered car features two-electric motors, with a combined power output of up to 408PS and a range of up to 500km.

The permanent all wheel drive will feature the autonomous modes of this model. The model is all set to shoot high in this Auto Expo.

Mercedes-Benz G Class Interior

The Mercedes is having another awesome car on the board with the G Class Interior. The Detroit Show or the North American International Auto Show is ready for a debut of a great model launch. The model is expected to grow in all the three dimensions as against its predecessor. The model is likely to hit the showrooms the end this year.

Third-Gen Mercedes-Benz CLS

Well this time Mercedes is with the third-gen of the CLS version. The model is expected on the lines of what people were having. The model is all set to shed the boring design of the E-class three-box design. But will carry forward most of its strong traits, the coupe-shaped saloon is always looks good. The new design language will also be visible in the sleek headlamps, bigger hexagonal grille, split LED tail lamps.

India is likely to get the model via the CBD route. All I can say is, the model will be a wonderful choice of the workers.

Refreshed Mercedes-Benz-S Class

Well, the Mercedes-Benz S Class did break its cover the 2017 Shanghai Auto Show. This time the buyers will get the model in the 2018 Auto Show and only a trained set of eyes will make out the difference. There are now a new set of bumpers, slightly tinkered grille design, new headlamp units, LED insets in the tail lamps and a set of alloy wheels. The model is all set to launch in India during the first half of 2018.

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Mercedes AMG Project One

The Mercedes legal ‘F1’ cars already wowed the automotive enthusiasts over the world. The models are all set to drive crazy the audience for the racing enthusiasts. The features will be in line with those of the Lewis Hamilton’s F1 car. AMG’s first super car will overtake the road in the Auto Expo nest year. In case you are wondering what the Project One is all about, you can treatyourself here.