Volkswagen Jetta Facelift will come up this February 2018

SUV markets these days are seeing a surge these days. The market is quite a fluctuating one, and in every new hour there is a new trend prevailing in the industry. The Industry is promoting the new Technologies and some great models that can take away the pride of the SUVs to a great new level. The Volkswagen is seemed to be contributing in the trends prevailing this time around. It has captured the market for a long time and will do so. This time it will come up with the Volkswagen Facelift.

The Volkswagen Jetta Facelift will be unveiled in the Auto Expo 2018. Well, this thing had probably hold up the nerves of the fans of the Volkswagen Jetta. The company is very with the model and has put a lot of efforts in giving the best of the quality to the buyers. The company is known for the luxury and spectacular design. Seems like the model will more or less, be the emancipation of the already stated thoughts.

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The Interior of the model is loaded with a great bundle of features to give you the best of the experience. It will have a new sporty flat-bottom multi-function steering wheel, leather package consisting of the gear shift knob and handbrake grip. Also it will have a sunglass holder to give it a cool look, and a lockable and illuminated glove compartment, to ensure that you don’t miss your case. And Chrome rings on gauges in instrument cluster, Chrome lined AC vents and rotary line switches.

The model is with the leather seats in the Interior cabin, but you will miss the Dual Tone Dashboard in this model. Fabric Upholstery and Rear Set headrest will also be there. Some of the added features in your future cabin will include Multi-Function display, 12-way electrically adjustable driver seat. All the features are here to ensure that you won’t miss any of the features and the luxury that you are liable of. The interior is with some of the best practices of the industry.

In terms of the comfort level, the model is on the expected lines. That is, the model will give the buyers the true satisfaction of the luxury that he or she was looking for long. It has the Central Control Armrest to acre for your arms. Although the model lacks with the Gear Shift Indicator, it is well equipped with the well entertainment features, including 8 speakers, Mobile device interface and more.

In security lines, it has Airbags equipped for the driver, passenger and side front. It is with the ABS (Anti-lock Breaking System) system to ensure true safety for your vehicle.