Upcoming Latest Technology in Automobile Industry in 2018

The Automotive Industry is one of the finest among all other tertiary sector Industries in the world. The trends and the advances in the market of the automobiles are never constant. It keeps rising on the curve and what we infer from recent trends may not be after some time.

The trends are changing again and we will see of the great changes the automobile Industry has seen in the recent years, in the year 2018. Autonomous vehicles coming by the roads, the surging markets of the crossover vehicles, the involvement of the Blockchain and Big Data in the auto sector, and many more such changes are waiting to come by in 2018.

Autonomous Vehicles on a rise

The first person to think about the driver-less cars was a quite ambitious one, which Google make it all visible by announcing its project on Driver-less cars. Autonomous vehicles are trending these days and many giants like BMW, Nissan, and others are planning to launch their semi-autonomous vehicles to catch their attention.

Not only the Autonomous vehicles will improve the road accident cases, but they will also become handy for the security agencies to use in their plot. All of a sudden a technology will change everything.

Blockchain and Big Data to come in auto sector

It sounds quite absurd that such technologies will have their separate role in the auto industry. But certainly it is true. The auto experts in association with dealers are planning to fight the counterfeit of the vehicles and in this regard Blockchain will be of utmost use to them.

To communicate with the vehicles the auto experts are ready to onboard Big Data in their strategy. The Big Data will be of utmost help in getting the right information and connect with the vehicles to such a large extent that they can communicate easily.

Crossover vehicles on road

Crossover vehicles are here to take the place of the big and powerful SUVs. For most of the people these SUVs are too big to have in their family, hence the crossover vehicle has come up for giving the SUV experience with a more luxury than ever.

The Bentayga is one such vehicle who will have its launch this year. The reaction what this crossover vehicle is having among the audience is enough to tell the popularity of this vehicle. Crossover vehicles are basically for middle size families and hence they are gaining so much popularity having similarity with that of SUVs.