UFI Filters Launches New In-Car Air Filter That\'s 99.5% Effective On A Host Of Viruses

While the coronavirus crisis has hit the auto industry, which is expected to record the lowest sales in 11 years, it has also given a push to the demand for some auto accessories. One of the accessories that have been most in demand after the pandemic is cabin air filters in cars, especially those that help prevent the risk of viruses entering the cabin. UFI Filters has now launched a brand new in-car air filter: the SOFIMA D+FEND Anti-Virus.rnrnThe new cabin air filter is fitted with a non-woven fabric filter made of a combination of silver and copper ions. UFI Filters claims that this filter reduces the risk of virus spread by 99.5 percent inside the cabin while displaying 99.9 percent bacteria, as it filters out particles as small as 0.3 microns. While copper ions destroy the cell barrier of viruses and bacteria, silver ions penetrate the nucleus and neutralizing them outright.rnrnUFI Filters UFI FiltersrnrnThe tests were carried out by MicroPack Laboratories in Virginia and the Guangdong Microbiology Detection Center (GDDCM) in Guangzhou, accredited by the China National Laboratory Accreditation (CNAL). The laboratory proved that the product is completely non-toxic and does not contain OIT (octylisothiazolinone), which is harmful to human health, and has a death rate of viruses and bacteria greater than 99.5%. Specifically, laboratory tests confirmed the filter's ability to neutralize the coronaviruses from the SARS-COV family, with a kill rate of 99.5 percent. The air filter also helps filter A H1N1, H3N2, H7N9 viruses among others. The filter also incorporates the antimicrobial and antiviral active substances in the fibers themselves, which are composed of a polymeric material.rnrnAlso Read: Honda Jazz 2020 Launched in India Starting at Rs 7.50 Lakh