Types of Tractors – How Many Do You Know?

With technological advancements, the world has advanced and so have the most primitive of wheels, including tractors. There are several customized tractors available in the market and the companies are developing new and advanced technology and designs. rn
1. Earth- Moving Tractors-
rnThese tractors, as the name suggests need to have a build and the strength to perform heavy tasks. They are available in two forms- tire and track types. The Earth- Moving tractors are mainly used on construction sites, dams and quarries sites etc. rnrnThey are made in a way that they can move earth and dig holes for developing basements and new construction. And that is not all they can also perform various other heavy tasks. These tractors are expensive and last for a very long time. Their core functions include moving and relocating dirt, wreckages, rocks, mud, or even wood. There are mainly three types of earth-moving tractors-rnrn
2. Garden Tractors-
rn These tractors range from 1 to 10 HP, while an advanced model may go up to 20HP. Garden tractors are small in size and are majorly used for grass-cutting and creating new flower beds in your lawn. Garden tractors have small wheels similar to that of a scooter’s wheels, however, they are much thicker.rnrnThese tractors come in a vast variety of designs and there are more than 100 different models of garden tractors, ranging from under $2,000 up to $4,000. rn
3. Implement Carrier Tractors-
rnThese tractors are specifically designed in a way that the chassis frame amidst the front and rear tires is extended. These tractors are meant to carry and pedestal various types of implements. They can mount implements that have drills, sprinklers, seed drills, rotational sweepers, loaders, and dusters.  If you wish to buy them, they are available in different shapes and have different attributes, specific to your needs.rn
4. Industrial Tractors-
rnThese tractors are strong and can pull huge amounts of loads. In the earlier times, they were also called Tuggers. They are often attached with cranes so that they can easily lift loads. As a matter of fact, these tractors are not developed for agricultural use, they are designed for pulling loads in factories and industries. They generally have a drawbar instead of three-point connections.  These tractors are available in various designs and horsepower strengths.rn
5. Orchard Type Tractors-
rnAs the name suggests these are tractors used in orchards only. They are designed in a way that they are considerably high and tall, for the convenience of the user. It makes it easy for him to pick fruits or trim the trees. They can be used in almost all types of orchards, even if the plantations include fruit trees or grapes.rnrnThe best thing about these tractors is that they are personalized in a way that the tires can easily accommodate your orchard. You do not have to have been worried about thorns of some fruit trees, the tires can perfectly accommodate it. These tractors are very slim and have nothing distended against its body.  Also, they have bounded areas for the users to sit in and operate the machine.rnrn