TVS set to introduce new electric scooter and expand global reach

TVS Motor plans to broaden its range of electric two-wheelers within the next year, aiming to target diverse customers segments, a senior official revealed. The Chennai-based company, currently offering two e-scooters, also intends to expand its electric vehicle sales infrastructure and is in the process of developing an electric three-wheeler, reported PTI.

During an analyst call, TVS Motor Director and CEO KN Radhakrishnan shared, “We are also planning to launch a series of products in the 5-25 kW range in the next year.” With strong market demand, the production capacity of iQube electric scooter has been increased to 25,000 units per month, and further enhancements planned.

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TVS is set to begin sales of its new TVS X electric scooter in the current quarter. Radhakrishnan mentioned that the company has approximately 400 touchpoints for e-scooters, and is working to expand this network continuously. Confident in their product portfolio and infrastructure improvements, Radhakrishnan stated, "With TVS's planned product portfolio and continuous improvement in infrastructure, we are confident that we will continue to be a strong player in the EV segment."

Regarding exports, Radhakrishnan expects iQube to be available in several markets over the next two-three quarters and aims to expand its presence to Europe eventually. He outlined a clear strategy for global expansion and emphasized the pivotal role that TVS X plays in both domestic and international markets.

When questioned about the electric three-wheeler, Radhakrishnan affirmed that the product is in preparation, with particular focus on improving the three-wheeler segment. Highlighting the company's success in the international three-wheeler market, he expressed his confidence in utilizing the EV three-wheeler for future advancements in this segment.

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