Top 5 Two-wheeler Insurance Companies In India 2020

With the burgeoning internet, you can now use an online bike insurance purchases. There are many insurance companies online in India.rnrnThe following lists of the top 5 Two-wheeler insurance companies will help you choose the best company.rnrnIf you are looking for the best two-wheel insurance for 2020, you can choose one of these two-wheel insurance companies in India.rnrnTop Two-wheeler Insurance Companies Top Two-wheeler Insurance Companiesrn

1) Bajaj Allianz General Insurance Company

rnIt is the most popular and reliable brand in the market. It has won numerous awards and awards on various platforms for its consistent performance and as the best choice for two-wheel insurance.rnrnBajaj Allianz General Insurance offers the best two-wheel insurance products and services. The company provides 24-hour customer service in more than 4000 workshops across the country. Customer service is a priority for clients and they are known to solve problems without problems, innovative products, etc.rnrn• The Bajaj Alliance Global Plan includes third-party coverage that provides legal liability coverage in the event of accidental death, damage, or injury to the third party.rnrn• The company provides personal accident insurance up to Rs. 1 lakh for a two-wheeler with suitable prizes.rnrn• It is one of the few companies that secure a bike from damage, theft, theft, natural disasters, riots, protests, etc.rnrnICICI Lombard Bicycle Insurance: ICICI Lombard Bicycle Insurance:rn

2) ICICI Lombard Insurance:

rn• ICICI Lombard is the largest Indian insurance company known for its brand and service. They have sold more than 11 million policies and more than 6 million claim agreements. Received the Asia Celent Insurance Technology Award for excellent technological integration for the benefit of the customer.rnrn• You can easily receive the policy by e-mail after purchasing it online. You are the pioneers of this service. You can also benefit from online customer support at any time and car repair at 3000 workshops across the country.rnrn• A comprehensive two-wheel insurance policy stipulated by the company that covers the costs of the accident to which the owner or driver of the vehicle is exposed.rnrnProvides reimbursement for hospital expenses. In the event of the death of the insured driver, the candidate is entitled to the death compensation specified in the policy.rnrn• ICICI Lombard policy also covers legal liability arising from third party death, permanent disability or material injury.rnrnHDFC Ergo General Insurance Company Limited HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company Limitedrn

3) HDFC Ergo General Insurance Company Limited

rn• HDFC General Insurance is a globally recognized brand for all products and services. HDFC Ergo provides insurance for various products, including bike insurance with over 109 branches in at least 90 cities in India.rnrn• It has a network of over 1,600 workshops where you can get technical assistance for your bike in case of damage.rnrn• The company was rated "iAAA" indicating the maximum suitability for complaints. You can customize your policy in any of its branches. HDFC Ergo holds ISO (International Organization for Standardization) customer service, quick guidance deployment, and consistent reporting across all branches.rnrn• Two-wheel HDFC insurance covers legal liability for unintentional death, permanent disability or property damage.rnrn• HDFC Ergo's global policy provides personal accident insurance up to Rs. 1 lick of the bicycle owner in the event of death due to accident and permanent disability.rnrn• The company covers the two insured wheels against their damage, burglary, theft, natural disasters, riots, protests, earthquakes, etc.rnrnNew India Assurance Company New India Assurance Companyrn

4) New India Assurance Company

rnrnBharti AXA General Insurance Company Limited Bharti AXA General Insurance Company Limitedrn

5) Bharti AXA General Insurance Company Limited

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