Top 10 Sports Bike Under 5 Lakhs

Sports Bikes are probably the best you can get for the enthralling endeavors I want. In the auto industry changes are certain to come by and more such changes will bring chaos in the minds of the vehicle. SUVs and other car models are taking up the market in quite much of ease. More buyers are coming out to bid for them. But, there is a pretty significant yet elegant audience also in the industry. These are of the Bikers. They love to travel in the bikes in the difficult terrains, and other such areas. It brings a kind of swag for them to have a bike.

Few bike models have become a sensation among this audience. The bikes and their design both are the responsible for the necessary attraction they have now. These days, more and more companies are coming up with the different models in the arena. But not all are in the budget of you. Let’s have a look at the top 10 sports bike under the tag of Rs 5 lakhs.

    1. Yamaha YZF-R15 v3.0

Yamaha is all set with the preparations to launch the much anticipated model, the Yamaha YZF-R15. It is a pleasant surprise for the bikers out there the company is all set to come by with this model. As you all know Yamaha is a great bike manufacturer company in the arena today. It has the models with the necessary features and designs to take on the hearts of the many. The Version 3.0 of the model is with the necessary improvements from the prior models.

It is with the proper tires of quality material. It has a powerful engine to bear on the pressure of the roads. It is also famous known to be for, the curvy design it will come with. The bike is a fantasy for the bikers out there and will soon come true under the budget of Rs 5 lakhs, currently priced in India at Rs 1.18 lakhs.


    1. Hero X Pulse

Hero is also set with the X pulse to take on the market with its new bike model. Hero has been experimenting for long in the Scooters, although the bikes market was its main play. The X Pulse is with all the basic facilities and even more than that for you. Its sleek design will catch your eyes as soon as it comes by. The model with the perfectly built fuel engine is more than sufficient to take care of the needs of you on the roads. It is with the safety features to ensure the safety and prevention from nay of the potential harms. This wonderful bike is under the Rs 1.5 lakhs.


    1. BMW G 310 R and G 310 GS

This German bike company is rocking up the stage for long. It is not ready with the new model to have a cake for you. The BMW Motorrad will come up with the 310 R model in the market. In the previous models, the company was quite much able to take in the stage with the classy designs and the looks. This time the models are a bit modified from earlier ones and have taken up a place in the market as the improvised version of the previous models.

It with the sleek design and the powerful engine and the design will take on the market at its own. The model is good start to come by for the company in the present changing scenario. The model is under the budget, with the current market price of Rs 2.2 lakhs.


    1. Bajaj Avenger 400

Bajaj after a quite long came to the arena with this model. The company has not been in the eyes for few years. This time it is back with the fool proof plan to execute in the market with the new model. The model with the curvy design and quite powerful engine will take on a good place in the market this time around. And the model is under the price tag of Rs 1.2 lakhs. This is all to have a kick start in the market.


    1. Bajaj Pulsar SS 400

Bajaj is also up in the market with the much famed Pulsar. The model at that time was with all the named facilities that a biker wants from the model. The company had gone through many changes to execute the plan, which you will see in the model Pulsar SS 400 to come by this time around. It is with the price tag of Rs 2 lakhs.


    1. Yamaha YZF R-3

The new model of the Yamaha in the lineup will rock the market. The YZF R-3 is also a different version if the same model to come by this time. The model will be a good one to have it. Also it is with quite much catch design and powerful engine. It is with the price tag of Rs 3.5 lakhs.


    1. Kawasaki Ninja 400

Kawasaki is yet another famous bike manufacturer company. The company is all set to come by the new Ninja 400. It is with the powerful engine and sleek design to take on its place in the market. It is soon to come by, with the price tag of Rs 4 lakhs.


    1. Benelli Imperiale 400

The model is all set to come by in the arena with the sleek design. It is with the price tag of Rs 2 lakhs. It will take on its place in the market.


    1. Benelli Leoncino

Similar to the previous version, the model come up with the sleek design and catchy look. It is with the price tag of Rs 4 lakhs.


    1. Benelli TRK 502

This model is with the sleek design and beautiful outlook. The model is all set to come by with the necessary features for the buyers out there. Also the model is under the budget of yours with the price tag of Rs 5 lakhs.


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