Tesla Makes the Consumer Reports’ Top 10 Cars as the Only US Brand

It seems that the popular eco-friendly electronic car manufacturing brand Tesla Motors has a love-hate relationship with consumer reports’. The trusted rating and tasting agency has been forever slapping Tesla down despite its founder Elon Musk’s hyped popularity among the scientific community, as models that are just too slow to roll out its much awaited Autopilot updates to its household software. The Model X from Tesla was also a point of criticism from the tasting agency Consumer Reports. However, as a perfect zinger to a workplace frenemy, Tesla’s Model S made the Consumer Reports’ agency revise their whole scoring system as otherwise the car would have scored 105 points on a scale of 100. Thus, literally through the roof performance was achieved by Tesla’s Model S.rnrnrnrnAs per verified customer reports of Tesla, the users said that they were “more satisfied” with Tesla’s cars than any other manufacturer’s cars having enjoyed their drives better than ever made by any other. The customers also rated Tesla’s customer service centers and customer care policies high scores for addressing their grievances and delivering speedy solutions.rnrnThe Consumer Reports’ list for 2018 begins with the following words: “Our rankings reveal the automakers that produce reliable, high-performing models and those that need to try harder. Most brands manage to make at least one great car, but not many have what it takes to deliver consistent quality across several models. Our annual brand rankings recognize the ones that do.”rnrnThe full list of all the rankings is like this:rnrnrnrnTesla has secured the coveted 8th spot in this year’s Consumer Reports, thus being the only American car manufacturer to crawl this popular magazine’s top 10 ranking for this year. While once known for their automobile manufacturing, the crown of car manufacturing has been slowly slipping away from the US, for the past few years with new Asian and German innovation snatching top scores. rnrnThe high scores for Tesla the popular Silicon Valley-based car maker with the perfect millennia message through eco-friendly electric cars, was mostly in part of their Model S luxury sedan. It had a stellar performance and secured high points in predicted reliability index, owner satisfaction as well as on-road performance, which many electronic car naysayers complain against. The rank was achieved despite the CR rating of the Model 3 which was marked as so-so which definitely had the Tesla officials pretty upset about. This was especially due to the fact that the CR officials never really tested the Model 3 at the time of rating it.rnrnrnrnFor this year’s report Consumer Reports marked the ranks of the manufacturer’s Model S and Model X. as per the Brand Report Card, Model S seems to have secured the most marks more than any other car in the magazine’s testing. The predicted reliability score is a 4/5, while for owner satisfaction the car secured a perfect 5/5, the car scored fairly well on road performance with 77. However, the luxury SUV pulled the overall score for the brand lower with 1/5 is predicted reliability score. rnrnFinally, the previous report which had a feud over the Model 3’s scores without having tested it that secured average rating has still not been reconciled. The magazine suggests they maintain their stand on the average rating for the compact luxury sedan of Model 3 Tesla, as it was decided based on other offerings from the brand.