Tesla Looking To Broaden Its Horizon In The Recent Years!

Tesla, the American company, headed by Elon Musk, that deals in automotive manufacturing and energy have revolutionized automotive manufacturing by introducing electric cars. The company headquartered in Palo Alto, California is mainly known for its solar panel manufacturing and luxury sedan car. Ever since the launch of the Tesla Model 3, it has steadily become one of the best-selling electric and luxury car in America beating Mercedes Benz C Class and BMW 3 series. Now the company is looking forward to expanding its market and introducing its popular Tesla model 3 in countries like Europe, China, and India. rnrnTesla has paved the way for new eco-friendly electric cars, and other reputed luxury car manufacturing brands like BMW, Jaguar, Mercedes, Volkswagen, and Porsche are following suit. It is currently the only American car manufacturing company that has been able to find a place amongst the Japanese and Korean car manufacturers that have been dominating the market for several years now. The most expensive of the Tesla model 3 cars cost around 60,000 dollars, and the cheapest ones cost around 35,000 dollars.rn

Specifications of Model 3

rnWhen it comes to the performance of Tesla Model 3, it offers a very pleasant, silent and a smooth ride. The acceleration also occurs smoothly. Of the two models available at present the cheaper base model comes with 50kwh and provides a range of 220 miles while the more expensive model comes with 70kwh and a range of 310 miles. The base model takes 5.6 seconds to speed up from 0 to 60 mph while the expensive model takes slightly less, 5.1 seconds to go from 0 to 60 mph and the maximum that can be attained is 140 mph. The newer models come with a superior battery than Model S and Models X as it comes with its inbuilt cooling system. Tesla Model 3 is also 500 pounds lighter than its predecessor Model S. Customers can also opt for additional advanced features like Enhanced Autopilot, Premium Upgrades Package, metallic paint colors, and 19-inch wheels. But, customers will have to buy these special features separately. rnrnModel 3 has a very premium look to it, made to compete with the popular luxury cars in the market like Mercedes and BMW. It is a four-door and five seater car having a low hood. The window panes are plated with Chrome and have a length of about 184 inches. The sedan originally comes with 18-inch wheels, but you can buy 19-inch wheels as well. The inside is spacious and comfortable enough. The trunk space is about 14 cubic feet which means you can easily haul in the bigger items. By folding the backseats, more space can be created to turn into camper mode effectively. A front trunk known as frunk is also provided in Tesla Model 3. rnrnThe car is packed with all the standard features and more like  GPS, USB, wifi, voice control, climate control, cloth upholstery, 60/40 rear seats, and backup camera. On top of this, all the key car functions are organized neatly on the 15-inch capacitive touchscreen in the middle of the dashboard for easy access. The only other thing that is not available is AM radio, Android Auto, Apple CarPlay and SiriusXM satellite radio. You will not be provided with car keys with the purchase of the car; instead, Tesla will configure your phone to lock and unlock the car via Bluetooth. For times when you do not have your phone or have lost it, Tesla will provide with NFC cards, which you will need to tap on the B pillar to unlock the car and to start the car you will have tap it in between the seats. rnrnNational Highway Traffic Safety Administration has given Tesla Model 3 a 5-star rating on the safety bar. The mix of metals namely aluminum, high strength steel, mild steel, and ultra-high strength steel. That is used to make the body of Tesla Model 3 offers added safety. The possibility of electric shock that you may receive if in any case your car is splashed with water is same to other electric vehicles by BMW or Mercedes. Other than this you can opt for Enhanced Autopilot package, which includes, automatic lane changing, automatic parking, automatic brakes in cases of danger, 12 ultrasonic sensors and eight cameras which gives it the ability to read speed limits, adaptive cruise control and give lane departure warnings. rnrnTesla offers several charging options other than their own superchargers. You can also use adapters for public and home charging stations. For Tesla Model 3, customers will be required to pay for their every visit to a Supercharger station.   rnrnTesla provides only four years of warranty and eight years of powertrain warranty. Although Tesla offers the longest warranty period for electric cars, it does not include any warranty against corrosion. Do not expect any scheduled maintenance either. rn

Tesla's foray into the Indian Market

rnTesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted about launching both the variation of the Model 3 for India. India at present lacks many options in the electric cars aspect, the launch of the Tesla Model 3 will add to it.  The India Model 3 launch got delayed due to policy clearance issues and import duties issues, as importing it as a whole finished product will levy several import duties on it making the price steeper. It is expected to be priced at 75 lakhs and is expected to be launched in mid-2019. The delay has also been due to Tesla's inability to cope with the demand and meet the set production goals. Model 3 has to be booked in advance before it finally reaches you after 8-9 months. rnrnOther than policies and import duties there is another hurdle that awaits Tesla in India. Since India's infrastructure is not up to the mark to provide charging to Tesla Model 3, they will have to undertake the massive project of building a Supercharge network around the subcontinent.