What is Tesla autopilot technology and how it works!

When it comes to the development of the technology of the automobiles, Tesla leads the competition as always. For the company, the development of technology is a form of art. But still, it cannot be denied that the advancement of the technology of the automobile is at a much slower rate than Elon Musk predicted it and that alteration and advancement of the technology are awaited. This article will talk of the most interesting and impressive predictions of all, and that is the autopilot features of the Tesla car and everything you need to know about that.rn

What are the autopilot features of the Tesla cars?

rnElon Musk predicted that Tesla car would make an automated drive from LA to the New York City in the year 2018. This feature is merely the sell-ability of the car to drive autonomously in the situation when required. While the activation of the autopilot feature on the car when the car is set in the autopilot mode, the car becomes able to regulate the speed, change the lanes as well as park the vehicle without seeking the assistance of any human driver. rnrnThe customers can buy this feature for $5,000. In October in the year 2016, Elon Musk said that the self-driving feature of the car would be introduced to the market by the end of 2017 where the car can drive itself from LA to New York without seeking any assistance from the human drivers. rnrnAgain latterly he said that if the schedule fluctuated to some extent, then the feature would surely be introduced in the market by the early period of the year 2018 and this became the revised deadline for people which kept them waiting for the feature to arrive in the market. Apart from the deadline, Tesla’s effort and the introduction of the impressive technology has made them ahead of all the other competing companies. rn

How can the features be activated in the cars?

rnThe autopilot feature can help the drivers to navigate through the highways and parking lots. According to the statement given by the companies, all the vehicles are equipped with the hardware which are probably required for the automated driving or tesla autopilot feature. This feature can be easily activated when the software hits the market, and the government approves them for the usage of people.rn

What are the extra differences in the car after the introduction of the autopilot system?

rnAfter the introduction of the autopilot feature in the year 2015 which made the car drive automatically, the company also offered many other benefits like those of the enabling of the latest iteration of the system of driving known as the enhanced autopilot. They also come with a 360-degree camera which can give a vision of 250 meters radius of the car. The total number of cameras installed in the car for this enhanced view is 8. rnrnIn addition to that, there are twelve ultrasonic sensors which can recognize both the hard and soft objects and can avoid mishaps completely. Now one thing might be popping up on your mind, and that is what if there is rain or fog in the town, but the Tesla experts have been able to found the answer of this as well. In case if there is rain or fog in the city, then the car is provided with the radar system which helps to see through the car when everything is hazy and is unclear.rnrnAs stated above all the hardware required for the autopilot is previously there in the car but if one wants to buy the enhances tesla autopilot technology then that can be taken while the purchase of the car in $5000 and if one takes the same plan later on then that is available at a price of $6000.  With the installation of the enhanced autopilot feature, the speed of the car can also be controlled automatically while there is some traffic or something of that sort. rnrnThe system is not only for the straight ways, but it can also handle the curve ways and all the complicated ways. But still, as the system is not fully automated so it is recommended that the hands of the driver must stay on the steering wheel or else the car automatically pulls over the driver and park before the system is restarted all over again. rnrnBut once you are in the destination, the car can identify the parking spots and can automatically park itself wither perpendicularly or parallel ways without seeking any help. The complete self-driving feature will surely make the use of GPS technology to find ways to the destination. The car can also take the owner back home by making the use of GPS technology.rn

Details about the working of the autopilot system

rnThe autopilot was system was all going well but after the fatal crash that took place in the mountains of California on 23rd March made the technology to be in the spotlights again but this time with a lot of question raised. As this feature is given all summoned as self-driving, autonomous etc. but in reality that is not the case rather the feature is a kind of driving assistance with the software that guides the short, as well as the long distance, travel with merely no action required by the person in the driver’s seat. rnrnThe system works under the influence of software, and the speed of the car is made to be the least so that there is no issue of mishaps like those of the crashes and accidents which are more often found these days. rnrnTesla has been now successful in the works for the autopilot project to such an extent that it was made clear to everyone that the autopilot feature is now merely safe to have opted and there would be no such fatality as happened to the pedestrians as well as the passengers in the cars. Now the same feature will be advanced a little more where there will be robotic taxis, and this is predicted to be based on artificial intelligence which will be striking market very next year.