Tata And Mahindra Jumps On The Quadricycle Bandwagon Initiated By Bajaj

What is a quadricycle?

rnQuadricycle bandwagon is the recent automobile in the list which every top company has an eye on. It is developed as a small segment of the car with the benefit of fuel efficiency as compared to other smaller cars in the present market. Moreover, it proved to be more efficient than the three-wheelers when it comes to safety.rnrnQute RE60 got ‘personal mobility solution’ thus giving Quadricycle approval to be used as a personal transport vehicle and can be getting launched sooner, in February most probably. Bajaj’s chairman Rajiv Bajaj addressed the quadricycle as a “very anti-car” and describes it to be highly efficient as a personal transport vehicle.  In this context, Tata is developing Bravo and Mahindra C101 which correspond Bajaj’s Qute RE60. rn

Conflicts regarding  the quadricycle:

rnProminent automobile makers jumped on to make the quadricycle bandwagon after attaining drastic failure from gaining approval from the government to block using Bajaj’s Qute as a private transport vehicle. The reason behind negotiation from major carmakers is that introduction of the quadricycle may cut their domain since it seems that the emergence of quadricycle may lead to a drastic drop in the selling of certain well-established automobiles. rnrnTata is worried that this may cut the dominant market of Nano and thus took the initiative to launch their own quadricycle. Mahindra & Mahindra with a budget of Rs 150 crore is making the quadricycle codenamed C101. From this purpose, a quadricycle was imported from Europe as a source of the benchmark. rnrn‘Bravo’ from Tata though is far behind than ‘C101’ of Mahindra. Tata is known to be using Tata iris lights in the commercial car and will be powered with all new modified petrol motor. rn

Specifications of the quadricycle:

rnA quadricycle is designed as a small four-wheel transport vehicle with weight around 400kg with speed limit less than 70km per hour. It is powered with the aid of a motor generator which is below 15kW. It proved to be efficient to replace the autorickshaws in the city thus can emerge as an intra-city transport medium. Moreover, according to current classification, Qute is allowed to invade private transport space only. As per the reports, initially, 15,000 units are going to be produced from Zaheerbad plant. Later it would be raised to 60,000 units yearly. rnrnThe quadricycle of Bajaj’s named Qute is the only approved one till date though it has the drawback of taking more fuel that is 35km per litre where 25km per litre is the standard unit of the fuel-efficient cars. rnrnAutomobile research authority of India recently rated the Qute by the Bajaj. Bajaj also claimed that they got the certification of ‘whole vehicle type approval (WVTA)’ from the Netherlands authority of vehicle regulation, RDW.rnrnThere is no doubt that the quadricycle is one the great innovation that may bring revolution in the automobile industry. Let's wait till February and see how the tetracycle works on the roads of India and is able to bring a positive effect or not.