Switzerland Considering Banning EVs During Winter Amid Energy Shortage

Switzerland is considering applying restrictions on the use of electric vehicles for non-essential purposes in the winter, as it expects an electricity shortage. Switzerland generates most of its electricity through hydroelectric and other renewable power plants. With these, Switzerland exports excess electricity in the summer, while it relies on importing electricity generated from fossil fuels during the winter. With imports increasingly complicated by fossil fuel shortages caused by the current war between Russia and Ukraine, Switzerland is predicting electricity shortages this winter.

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The government of Switzerland has developed some policies to counter the expected shortage of electricity, and this includes a reduction in building heating, bans on concerts, sports and other events, and even a ban on the use of electric vehicles for services for non-essential services. The proposed restrictions rotate in four stages, and according to the severity of the rarity, restrictions will be imposed. Restrictions for electric cars are only activated in Stage 3.

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