SRAM Force eTap AXS unlocks 12 speed, Red-like performance for less

SRAM has obviously been hectic. Just almost two months after hurling the innovative RED eTap AXSgroup to the universe, they’re now coming next. And as it is obvious having with newest SRAM Force eTap AXS set. Just sometimes, the group is exceptionally just same to RED, but with major transformations that will be very important to various customers – mainly when it comes about the rates.

The coming new associate of the AXS (access) wireless unit, SRAM Force eTap AXS is an electronic drivetrain with wireless moving the choices for either hydraulic disc or mechanical frame handbrakes. However, some of the little information, Force is almost equal in a presentation to the new RED AXS, with the key alterations being resources, building, and thus weight. It exactly means that the batteries are equal amid the two groups (and older eTap groups too) which is great news for squads or persons with numerous bikes. However, the engines and chipsets are identical and it means the moving speed is similar between the two groups. Finally, Force finishes about 300g weightier than RED, however, it is also more than $1000 less costly which looks like a well-intentioned transaction.


As a RED, Force is capable to take benefit of the AXS app and constituent integration system which enables you to track and tailor the performance of specific mechanisms. From testing every battery’s control level to modifying your move outlines, apprising firmware, and many more, Force is connecting the way of the app-based world.

Likewise a RED, this is an entirely newest group, however, other than the motorized rim brakes, not any of the innovative parts will be well-matched with older SRAM modules – apart from the newest SRAM RED eTap AXS. These two different groups are fully identical – which is the best news for those who were distressed by SRAM’s selection to assimilate the power rhythm and cable ring on RED.

Cassette options

Although, manufacture, the XG-1270 cassette makes use of a Mini-cluster/Pin-Dome structure with the first four devices machined from a steel accommodation, and the rest of the cassette making use of their Pin-Dome technology related to their GX mountain bike cassettes. Viewing at the cassette in profile, Pin-Dome makes more logic as you can also watch the titles that grasp all of the steel mechanisms together after the first four devices.

XDR Mandatory

The adding of a 12-speed cassette preordained that SRAM had to shift to the XDR freehub standard such as RED, which is only XD, just 1.85mm lengthier. The additional distance across is required for the road from the time when the major mechanisms aren’t almost as large as those on an MTB cassette and can’t be curved in over the shafts. It also currently matches up with the distance across of HG 11 speed freehub organizations for the highway.

Obverse Derailleur is Still There, and Superior to Ever

Open, the novel Force front derailleur is quite same as RED, but it switches in an imprinted steel derailleur confine for the CNC machined aluminum crate on RED. Riders who are assertive greater tires will be pleased to get that the derailleur has been simplified to provide good quality tire consent at the back too.

Force gets a Flattop

Implementation the gearing is the novel FRC-D1 Flattop cable. This new chain design is necessary for the group with SRAM affirming that this cable signifies their largest investment in equipment on their part when it is about the new group. The silhouette of the chain is virtuously determined by their strength testing – the highest of the chain not ever trip on equipment, thus it can be formed in a different way to offer augmented power.

Uniformly, the cable is also thinner to the component layout than a proportional 11-speed group which SRAM claims outcomes in a lower ride complete. The FRC-D1 cable is substitutable with the SRAM RED chain, with the Force cable making use of solid bits as the merely obvious alteration. Take note that Flattop chains need a particular Flattop Power Lock. However, take a note that you certainly don’t want to operate the newest chain on 11-speed cassettes (consider setting your motorbike on a direct drive trainer with an 11-speed cassette attached). Seemingly, the new chain will abolish the cassette, which is why firms like Wahoo are rapidly functioning to include XDR motorist abilities to their coaches.

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