No? Well, within the next 5 minutes you’d be convinced why this bike is not just a bike but a multi-bike. The entire Multistrada family launched its new baby in the league. It has a starting price of Rs 15.99 lakh.

Four variants, one motorcycle

The bike is accessible in two variations in India – the 1260 and the higher-spec 1260 S. The latter one has been evaluated at Rs 18.06 lakh. 1260 is the organization's leader experience-tourer and accompanies various changes over the model it replaces. These updates incorporate extra power, a reconsidered case and new hardware.

Globally, the Multistrada 1260 is available in four variations, 1260, 1260 S, the S D|air and the Pikes Peak – the last two will come to India later, if by any stretch of the imagination. Like previously, the standard 1260 manages without the Ducati Skyhook Suspension (DSS). The 1260 S, in the meantime, gets DSS and it shares its 48mm fork and a completely flexible Sachs monoshock with whatever is left of the Multistrada variations.

The ABS Co
ering of Multistrada

The Italian owner manufacturer is owned by Audi and Lamborghini collectively. An integral part of the safety packet consists of the Brembo Braking system which is a common thing to find in the entire Multistrada 1260 family.

Unique and Elegant

It surely sets new standards for quality and finishing since it has a classy design, a sleek surface and moreover the rear and front remain the best characteristics.


Seize the road with a free mind

The new Multistrada 1260 has long maintenance intervals: oil changes are scheduled for every 15,000 km, while the "Desmo Service" valve clearance control is required every 30,000 km, distances that allow you to enjoy all your travels.

Vehicle Hold Control holding strong

The ABS that is installed on the new Multistrada 1260 is equipped with the Vehicle to Hold Control (VHC) system. When activated, the system keeps the vehicle still by activating the rear brake and automatically deactivates after 9 seconds if it is not used.

The new Multistrada 1260 S increases riding pleasure thanks to the new Ducati Quick Shift. It is comfortable for long trips in pairs, great fun off-road and super responsive on urban routes.

You would be surprised but the new Multistrada 1260 S adapts to every situation to get the maximum out of every road.

In terms of competition, the Multistrada 1260/S is primarily up against the BMW R1200 GS, which is sold in two variants in India, the Standard (Rs 15.7 lakh) and Pro (Rs 18.9 lakh). The Triumph Tiger 1200 can be regarded as a rival, too, except that it is now sold only in off-road guise (XCX) priced at Rs 17 lakh, in the country. Tempted already? You know exactly where to go!

The new Multistrada 1260 surely takes you into a brand new “comfort zone”, where the pleasure of driving becomes a sense of well-being, traveling is tu
ed into an experience and performance becomes pure emotion.