Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350X or Honda CBR250R

Past this year the CBR250R or Royal Enfield Thunderbird was hurdled in India. One can compare this bike to other standard alteatives; on the other hand, it contains many different features with few changes.  The Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350X has informed the Honda CBR250R or Thunderbird 350X to provide the state-of-art design. The bike also features jazzy, upbeat colours.

This new model of Royal Enfield has rationalized its handlebar that makes it a lot more uniform than earlier. This helps in improving the manoeuvrability of the scrambler all over the city. It is also a major bike from the company and is equipped with tubeless tires and alloy wheels. Smaller chrome is also fitted in this motorbike. The Honda CBR250R or Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350X currently gets all-black treatment, which additionally ranges the alloy wheels too.


Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350X or Honda CBR250R ENGINE AND PERFORMANCE

CBR250R is assembled with a single-cylinder, 346cc, air-cooled engine. It offers 28Nm and 19.8bhp of rotation, recreated with a five-speed gearbox. The bike does not appear most prevailing, yet it still seems pretty lively adequate all over the city. It also features a comfortable standing seating position with its handlebars, which helps in moving through the heavy traffic easily.

Though, the previous details of any previous Royal Enfield are touched on the 350X also.  The vibration engine startup, instantly from a quick explosion is revolved on. The Thunderbird 350X easily get up to the speed of 120km/h.


Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350X or Honda CBR250R MILEAGE

The CBR250R cost provides a regular of about 30km/l. However, this sum does seem a bit low, it’s vital to note that the bike weights around 200kg. However, Royal Enfield does provide a bigger fuel tank of 20-litre. This gives the 350X an ideal series of six hundred kilometers on a tank.

Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350X or Honda CBR250R IMPORTANT FEATURES

The Thunderbird 350X features many different variations compared to the standard model of Royal Enfield. Several unique and innovative features of the Honda CBR250 include 9-inch black alloy wheels and 18 and 19-inch tubeless tires at rear and forward-facing, in tu
. Other functions include a low-tier simple handlebar, forks, and wheels, blacked out trims; these are exhaust, twin semi-digital instrument band and LED DRL headlamps. The bike also comes with 240mm and 280mm back discs and obverse, individually.


The quality of the gearbox in the thunderbird 350X is without a doubt better than the average. The handlebar that holds on to scrambler is better than the standard model. Furthermore, for some parts, the body surface of this bike is of high quality, no one can keep their eyes away from the new plastic mirror finished body. We have just found out that re fine-tuning them every 10 minutes as they flop down thanks to the wind. However, this gives up on some of the security aspects.

The dye on the 350X is of top-quality similar to any other standard Royal Enfield motorbikes. The care given to its minute feature is very much appreciated; For the tailor-made look of the headlamp, the tripartite pins that hold it are made from the anodized silver. The LED headlamp featured with the LED DRL provides a bit of smoldered indicator that also supports its overall look. The unique all on one seat gives an Alcantara such as a material with white edges at the mid-points of the seat that has the finest feel to it.


Without a doubt, the Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350X is featured with everything you may get from a similar or through bikes of similar prices. Also, it also has some exceptional features that are not present in other Honda CBR250 models. For, one this bike comes with tubeless tires; a first for the maker.

It gets the twin pod device collection along with chrome bezels from the standard models of the Thunderbird. The component is totally lighted up and the digital screen is easily visible in the direct daylight too. The 350X has amazing parking lights which have amazing features on the standard scrambler.

Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350X or Honda CBR250R VERDICT

The latest Honda CBR250R or Royal Enfield Thunderbird 350X is featured with an amazing design and style that’s compared to other standard alte
atives. One will get an amazing riding position with its low set level handlebars and solo section seat.  This bike will run smoothly from place to place, and even in the high traffic, it will move without any trouble.