RecycleKaro and Bajaj Auto form partnership for EV battery recycling

MUMBAI: RecycleKaro, a lithium-ion battery recycling company, is entering into a partnership with automotive manufacturer Bajaj Auto to address lithium-ion battery recycling. Using its hydrometallurgical technology, RecycleKaro plans to recycle Bajaj Auto batteries, retrieving up to 95% of the battery raw materials such as cobalt, lithium, nickel and manganese. These materials can later be used to produce new batteries.

This collaboration is expected to handle approximately 500 metric tonnes of batteries annually, addressing the critical issue of battery waste and supporting efficient use of resources, in line with international sustainability targets and the circular economy.

The partnership emphasizes the increasing focus on sustainable practices within the automotive sector. Bajaj Auto's collaboration with RecycleKaro further indicates its emphasis on environmental responsibility and resource management.

Highlighting the challenges posed by the growth of the electric vehicle market, Rajesh Gupta, Founder and Director, RecycleKaro, said the partnership aims to mitigate battery waste and enhance resource use for a more sustainable approach.

RecycleKaro's recycling facility in Palghar, near Mumbai, spans 17 acres and is currently equipped to handle 2,500 metric tons of lithium-ion batteries and 7,500 metric tons of e-waste. The company intends to increase its production capacity to 50,000 metric tonnes by 2025.

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