Porsche – 911 Speedster Concept Revealed

Porsche, over the past 70 years, has given us some exceptional works of automotive prowess. Having put the brand’s first car on the road in 1948, now, Porsche is back with some more.

Porsche originally started with the Porsche 356 ‘No. 1’ Roadster, which was put on the road 70 years ago on June 8. Fast forward to 2018 and they have now given us the spectacular 911 Speedster Concept to celebrate its 70th anniversary.

The 911 Speedster Concept is a modern version that was created to offer a purely seamless driving experience, even replacing a convertible top with a lightweight tonneau cover. Porsche has announced that the Speedster is likely to make it to production in late 2019.

Revealed at the ‘70 years Porsche sportscar’ anniversary celebrations in Zuffenhausen, Germany, the 911 Speedster Concept’s sheet metal had a typical two-tone racing insignia that although was in number of colors yet looked striking in white on the traditional German silver body. 


The 911 Speedster Concept also shows off a 1950s-style which is characteristic racing style gas lid placed on the top of the hood, directly above the tank for ease of refueling. In addition to that, the rear mirrors are built according to the classic Talbot design that was in style when the 356 was launched. The embossed, gold-plated “Speedster” inscription on the broad B-pillars and back engine cover mark their tribute to the first ‘50s-era 356 Speedster.

Porsche has kept the interiors very minimalistic, removing all heavy luxuries in order to lower the weight of the car.

Obviously, everything is top notch beneath the 911 Speedster Concept’s retrospective exterior. 

The chassis is actually pulled from the 911 GT3. The 911 Speedster Concept's body has derived inspiration from the 911 Carrere 4 Cabriolets, yet the wings, front cover and rear covers of the Porsche 911 are made from carbon fiber. The back cover has a one-of-a-kind design with a double bubble element, a typical design trait in Porsche's Speedster line since 1988.

A see-through Plexiglas wind deflector showing off an imprinted '70 years of Porsche' logo adds to an aerodynamic touch.

This is combined with a six-speed manual transmission and an exhaust system with titanium tailpipes. The car sits on 21-inch rims in Fuchs design with contrasting high gloss clover-leaf details. And as would be expected, the ‘Porsche Motorsport Centre team’ made certain that a six-speed manual transmission took care of shifting duties for a smooth ride. 

The Porsche 911 Concept will also have an impressive performance credentials according to the officials, because of the potent 4-liter, with a naturally aspirated flat-six engine from the latest GT3, delivering approximately 500 horsepower.

We’ll soon find out if Porsche has plans to do away with the word “Concept” from the 911 Speedster’s brand name and in that way gives its loyal sports car fans with a contemporary version of the Porsche race car. Until then we’ll just have to wait, cross our fingers and hope for the best.