The New Kid on the Block- Cayenne E-Hybrid by Porsche

The German based automobile masters are about to unveil yet another of their masterpieces somewhere around September 2018. This will be the electrified version of the Cayenne and will be called as the E-Hybrid. It has inherited its qualities from the Panamera 4 E-Hybrid. This SUV sports all-wheel-drive technology and is born with a 3.0-litre V6 engine which churns out a maximum speed of 253 km (approx) and can reach from a sitting position to 100kmph in just a matter of 5 seconds!

It takes about 8 hours to fully charge the 14.1kWh battery with a 230 V connection and the best part is the charge rate can be altered via a Porsche connect app. As predicted by the New European Driving Cycle, Cayenne E- Hybrid’s average fuel consumption is said to be around 88mpg (33.15 kmpl). This makes the Cayenne E- hybrid one of the most fuel-efficient SUVs of the current generation. Porsche might roll out a diesel version of this in the coming year.

The outer body features sleeker sheet metal and the standard trait of Porsche cars that is a full-width taillight. The interiors have also been upgraded with a 12.3-inch touchscreen mounted at the centre of the dash and a centre-console featuring haptic-response touch switches. The presence of acid green brake callipers and trim around the badge in same colour distinguishes this car from the rest. Plus the company has also provided a flap on the left rear quarter panel for the charge plug, a mirror image of the fuel filler flap on the right.


While on a drive if the battery charge starts going south, this smooth machine automatically switches to Hybrid Auto mode. The inbuilt combustion engine wakes up and the powertrain system calculates the best possible combination of e-motor power and the combustion engine. This enables the battery pack to retain some of its power which can be used later to provide torque fill when needed. For travelling over short distances, the car is capable of running in EV mode only at a lesser speed.

The steering wheel mounted controller helps the driver to select the mode of driving. For jou
eys within 27 miles, drivers can select the Hybrid Auto mode as it allows battery charge to be used wisely for the maximum use of the e-motor. The drive patte
s, the topography of the road, speed levels – all these are taken into account by the Cayenne E-Hybrid for charting out the optimal power and torque combination from the inte
al combustion engine and the e-motor respectively.

As Porsche is known primarily for its family of sports cars, drivers can expect something new in this category as well. The sports and sports plus modes definitely revamp the driving style while the battery charge is also kept to a minimum level, just enough to provide torque boost when needed. In sports plus mode, the battery can be charged to allow longer periods of e-motor boost. The inte
al combustion engine is in constant use in both the modes.

Power and efficiency might be the two words to describe this beauty. Its functionalities and capabilities are worth exploring. A few other key features include- heated windscreen, remote-operated independent heating and massage seats which can be added. The starting price of this model is in somewhere around $80,000.