All you need to know about Volkswagen connect app

Volkswagen group of the automobile has always provided its customers with the latest technologies. With every new update, you can enjoy new features which will make your experience even better. You might have heard about the new app launched by Volkswagen which is known as Volkswagen connect. This new app helps you in providing a better and premium experience with using your car's features. By using this latest application on your device you will have more comfortable driving experience. You cannot find any other car company providing the same features and updates as compared to Volkswagen. rn

Which mobile phones is the Volkswagen compatible with?

rnThe Volkswagen connects app can be used on both the Android and iOS platforms. You can find the official application at the play store for Android and app store on the Apple phone. By using Volkswagen connect app you can get features which will help you in performing a certain operation with your vehicles to enhance your driving experience.rn

What are the features of Volkswagen connect?

rnIf you are using VW app connect, then you get access to a lot of features. Make sure that you get to use all of them with your Volkswagen cars.rnrn rnrnrnrnrn

Which Volkswagen car support the connect app?

rnIf you want to know which Volkswagen car support the connect app then you can find information about them here. The Volkswagen Polo with 1.0MPI, 1.5TDI, GT TSI, and GT TDI variants supports the connect app. You can also use the app with Volkswagen Ameo in its 1.0MPI, 1.5 TDI and 1.5TDI DSG specifications, and Volkswagen Vento for all of its variants. You can also use Volkswagen connect app for Volkswagen Passat and Volkswagen Tiguan supporting all of its variants. rnrnIt does not take too much time for you to connect Volkswagen connect app with your smartphones. You can pair the application using Bluetooth and start using its features. It also has some convenient features like reset setting in which you do not have to configure various things to start using the application. This way you can simply connect and use the application. You should make sure to log in to the application through your email account in order to get all the latest notification and updates.