Mercedes Benz confirms G Class will Debut in Detroit

The much awaited sneak peak and the car for which people were crazy about will be uncovered this year. The Mercedes Benz’ recent G Class will debut in the automobile fair in the Detroit. The German automaker Gelandewagen will unveil the first look of the car in the Detroit.

Now, the G Class is one of the SUV which people are having lot of expectations from. Hence its launch should and must be like a star launch. As expected, first the teaser of the G Class is launched in which the G Class is seen to be roaring in the dusty grass of field. With its powerful look and great design it will live on the buyers’ heart.

When the G Class will take the stage by storm, we will going to have a look at its powerful engine and the absolute design. Also various other features of an SUV like the mileage and others will be on count at the Detroit car fest.

What we know now from the teaser launch of the G Class is that, the new G Class will have the SUV look in its retro design and will please its fans of near 40-year old series.

What can expect from the G Class?

A powerful engine, a great retro design style and like all other SUVs in the market the power to roar on the roads with this super powerful SUV. More and more people are expecting some great new features from the Mercedes Benz G Class and for that they are ready to shell their pockets.

It seems intimidating that few automotive experts or the competitors are not satisfied with the teaser launch of the G Class. But it is not the matter of teaser, Mercedes brand that has proved its worth by providing the high quality, so there should be no such matter in one’s mind.

The powerful engine will give the high pickup and a great driving experience to the car lovers. It is interior is one of the best we will see in any SUVs.

The leather seat in the G Class will be more than a massage to the driver. For long fellows it has extra 1.5 inches legroom and 2.7 inches extra elbow space so as to provide full comfort while driving.

Now, with all these tempting features it is simply not possible to wait for this great car. Hence for the fans, they will be ready till 15 January for a great new experience.